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Solid Mineral Spheres

These mineral structures are created by large colonies of ancient microorganisms.

— In-Game Description

Solid Mineral Spheres are a form of Notable Stellar Phenomena created by spacefaring microorganisms. They consist of clusters of large sphere-like formations of mineral accretions. The largest spheres in each cluster are likely the oldest, and the clusters may have formed by newer spheres budding off of the older spheres. Solid Mineral Spheres cannot be mined.


System Reported By
NGC 2632 S 197
Trifid Sector IR-W d1-52 CMDR Mirakosh Skyrider
Skaudai AM-B d14-60 CMDR Nemac
Traikeou SE-P d6-22 CMDR GentleLynx
BD-12 1172 CMDR Nytrox
Byeia Thaa WG-N b11-0 CMDR Compander
Musca Dark Region CQ-Y d49-3 CMDR Willie Kay
Lysoorb QP-F b25-1 CMDR Immortal Ghost
Myriesly HR-N e6-4354 CMDR morgvom_org
Thailae FJ-V b4-0 CMDR Gray Boxbanker