Soontill is a mysterious planet. It's reputedly a “world full of Thargoid treasures beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.” It was discovered by The Dark Wheel. The brothers Neptune and Oberon Ryder were divided over whether to pursue Raxxla or Soontill and eventually discovered Soontill.[1][2] The planet's current location is unknown. This mystery is mentioned in the novel Elite: And Here The Wheel.

Soontill Relics Edit

Soontill Relics can be found in space. It's a slab of unidentified material covered in pictographs of unknown origin. It's part of a cache of similar artefacts that were uncovered by explorers researching lost alien civilizations in the Soontill system.[3] These alien artefacts were confirmed by Chief Xeno-Chemist Lyran Betar to not have been made by human hands and date back tens of thousands of years.[4]

Tourist Spot 0508 Edit


Tourist Spot 0508

Tourist Spot 0508 describes a base in the Soontill system where a secret Human-Thargoid project occurred.

"This is rumoured to be the site of the CIEP base. Some stories claim a combined Human-Thargoid project took place here."[5][6]

Research Edit

The acronym CIEP could mean Circle of Independent Elite Pilots, an offshoot of The Dark Wheel.[7] They used it as a secret military base before being run off by pirates with fancy military technology. The location of Soontill was found by the pirates because it was close to Grandmort and the origin of the Circle attack force which traveled (out of their way) through Brohman and Lanaest to reach Delta Phoenicis. 


Circle attack force route

The description (abbreviated from the description given by the pirate Robert Gary) upon entering the system is that of a pale purple Brown Dwarf 2AU (998ls) away with a large debris field and “space fog” with a planet hidden inside. That planet was supposedly turned into a volcanic mess by said pirate. This does not sound like the Soontill System listed in the UC database (well maybe the 4th planet).[8]

The location of Soontill given by Universal Cartographics may not be the actual place. Because neither it nor Ngurii are close to the Grandmort system.

Timeline Edit

10 FEB 3301

  • Soontill Alien Artefacts to be Auctioned at Ngurii. Soontill is back in the news this week as fresh rumours have surfaced of alien items hitting the market in Ngurii.[9]

18 May 3301

  • As further alien artefacts claiming to be from Soontill are being sold on the open market, the results of the initial scientific tests have been revealed. “We were looking for key markers,” explains Chief Xeno-Chemist Lyran Betar. “Elemental make up, crystalline structure, anything that indicates it could have originated from human hand.” The research team’s results clearly state that no known human technology could have created the relics, yet they do not quite align with known Thargoid materials. Whatever they are, they are indeed very old, with isotopic dating indicating that they could well be tens of thousands of years old.[10]

References Edit

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