A slab of unidentified material covered in pictographs of an unknown origin. This relic is part of a cache of similar artefacts that were uncovered by explorers researching lost alien civilizations in the Soontil system. Sold by Garry's Reclamations, Cheranovsky City, Ngurii.

— In-Game Description

Soontill Relics are a specific item of Consumer Items in the galaxy. They are related to the mysterious planet Soontill.

Rare goods increase in value the further you travel from their point of purchase.

3 items are needed to unlock Elvira Martuuk (engineer).


These alien artefacts are sold on the open market and claimed to be from Soontill. Chief Xeno-Chemist Lyran Betar said that scientific tests revealed the elemental make-up and crystalline structure of these relics are not made by human hands and could be tens of thousands of years old. It doesn't align with known Thargoid material.[1]

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