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Sothis is an outlying human colony system. It contains a binary pair of non-terraformed Earth-like worlds. When entering the system, these appear as 'undiscovered'. Scanning these is recommended, as it can earn about 100,000 CR.

Sothis is home to the rare commodity Sothis Crystalline Gold, which can be bought at Newholm Station.

The Sirius Corporation are present in Sothis, so the system can be used to gain reputation with them. A reputation of Allied is required to unlock the permit for the Sirius star system.

Sothis is also popular with smugglers, as many long-distance missions are available in the bulletin board.

System LayoutEdit

Minor FactionsEdit

  • Federation Unite! - Federation, Democracy.
  • Liberate Ceos - Independent, Communism.
  • Deep Space Clan - Independent, Anarchy.
  • Sirius Corporation - Independent, Corporate.


  • Sothis Crystalline Gold entered production after a Community Goal to ship Gold to Sothis.

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