When gold is exposed to the rare gas coming from thermal vents on the sea beds of the twin Earth like planets in Sothis A5 and Sothis A6, it forms into a previously unseen crystalline structure unlike other crystalline gold. Scientists and engineers are only just beginning to discover the technological applications for this rare form of gold.

— In-game description

Sothis Crystalline Gold is a Rare Metal Commodity exclusively sold by Newholm Station in the Sothis system.


25 SEP 3301: "Scientists based at Newholm Station in the Sothis system have made a startling announcement – the discovery of an entirely new metalloid. The material, called Sothis Crystalline Gold, is produced by exposing ordinary gold to the thermal vents that line the seabed of the planets Sothis A5 and Sothis A6 – or, more specifically, to the submarine gas emitted by these vents. Exactly how the gas transforms the gold is not yet fully understood, but the scientists claim that the resultant metal is completely unique." [1]



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