Space madness is a psychological condition that some pilots get while traveling in deep space for long periods. It's a bit like vertigo, and is caused by being adrift without any reference points.[1]

You can't really get space madness on the way to Colonia because there are outposts along the way. 


  • Being adrift without a point of reference
  • Solitude in deep space, hundreds of light years from other humans.


  • See mountain's move from one place to another, strange noises while on planets and in space plus very strange lights that I see while jumping from one star to another. Then of course comes the madness of solitude for which many of us take to talking to the ship's computer (COVAS).


Some suggestions to prevent space madness:

  • watch 'The Cosmos' with Carl Sagan, he was sat next to me as we watch the stars hurtle past outside and he was saying such scientific things as 'That's a nice bright one!', he knows his stuff, can't wait till we get to Thor's Eye tonight.
  • to prevent to get it, get more distracted while traveling. watch some series and movies.
  • Bobblehead can help in preventing the Space Madness
  • Just keep flying, flying, flying.


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