Starports are large stations. Big enough to be considered cities floating in space. They act as commercial hubs for each system; trading in both commodities and information. Several starports have capital ship docks.

Starports rotate slowly to create artificial gravity for the millions of people who live and work aboard. Gravity differs between each of a Coriolis tower's floors. For many residents real daylight is a rare privilege. The landing hub is pressurized with an atmosphere. The docking hub is a safe zone for players, because no firing of weapons is allowed. It's protected by defence turrets which uphold the law.[1]

Starport Types

There are currently three different types of Starports: Coriolis, Orbis, Ocellus. To take advantage of the low gravity which is useful in loading and unloading cargo, all docking takes place near the center of each station. The outer areas of the starport are tuned to produce standard Earth gravity and is where living quarters are located.


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