The Starship Enterprises Corporation, or SE Corp, is a Federation player group. They provide animal cloning services using special in-vitro chambers and genetic tailoring, and terraform planets, such as LP 339-7 2 and LP 339-7 3 in their home system. The group is led by CEO Dr. Lewis Chapman.[1]


15 DEC 3302

  • Dr Lewis Chapman, CEO of the Starship Enterprises Corporation, has announced plans to transform the LP 339-7 system into a popular tourist destination. To achieve this, the Starship Enterprises Corporation intends to establish a wildlife reserve on the planet LP 339-7 4 A. The reserve will be occupied by various cloned Earth animals, genetically tailored to suit their environments, created by the Starship Enterprises Corporation.[2]

22 DEC 3302

  • Media outlets in the LP 339-7 system have reported that the Starship Enterprises Corporation wildlife reserve campaign has reached a successful conclusion. The commodities will be used to establish a wildlife reserve on the planet LP 339-7 4 A, thereby fulfilling the organisation's ambition to transform LP 339-7 into a popular tourist destination. Dr Lewis Chapman, CEO of Starship Enterprises, released the following statement:
  • "We are delighted with the response to this campaign. As we speak, hundreds of animals are being grown in special in vitro chambers. Soon they will be transported to the reserve."[1]


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