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Sub-surface Displacement Missile (Class 2)

Allows recovery of sub-surface deposits from asteroids (requires refinery).

— In-Game Description

The Sub-surface Displacement Missile is a hardpoint module used in mining. It launches specialized missiles that can dig deep into an asteroid to reach Sub-Surface Deposits. A HUD element displays the depth of the missile inside the asteroid, allowing the pilot to manually detonate it when it reaches a Sub-surface Deposit and eject the deposit into space, where it can then be collected using a Cargo Scoop or Collector Limpet.[1] A Refinery is required to process material excavated using a Sub-surface Displacement Missile.


Displacement missiles are essentially flying drills, capable of autonomously digging through the surface of an asteroid and detonating a shaped charge when directed. This will dislodge and eject material, but also damage the deposit making it less viable with every use. The missile will fly stright until it hits an asteroid and then begin drilling down at the point of impact. Holding the trigger will delay detonation of the missile's ordnance until required. A refinery module is required to process asteroid chunks into saleable commodities. Only functions as a turret when there is an active Gunner role aboard. Only functions in analysis mode.

— Additional In-Game Description

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Weapon Mode Damage Type DPS Armour Piercing Ammo Clip Size Ammo Maximum Value (CR)
1 B 2.00 40 0.42 Fixed Explosive 2.5 25 1 32 12,601
1 B 2.00 40 0.53 Turreted Explosive 2.5 25 1 32 38,751
2 B 4.00 51 1.01 Fixed Explosive 2.5 25 1 96 381,750
2 B 4.00 51 0.93 Turreted Explosive 2.5 25 1 96 381,750

Purchase Locations

Class Rating System Station
All B Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial
All B Brestla i Sola Prospect
1 B Eravate Cleve Hub
1 B Nahuatl Rigaux Vision
1 B G 180-18 Hale Port
2 B CE Bootis Moskowitz Gateway
2 B Ogmar Whirling Station
2 B Hollos Bingzhen Hub


  • As of 3.3.05, when hitting a deposit, the missile will very commonly disappear without indication. If this occurs, the drilling sound effect will play endlessly. The sound effect can be fixed by successfully mining the deposit, or intentionally failing by letting go of the trigger at the wrong time.
  • Ores mined with Displacement Missiles will always fill between 75% to 80% of a Refinery bin. Neither deposit density nor size of the target zone during mining make an appreciable difference in the amount of ore produced.
  • Sub-surface Deposits have between 2-4 chances to release an ore as shown by the density indicator beneath the targeted deposit. Deposits will start at 100% and reduce in increments of 50%, 33%, or 25%. Failed attempts or misses count against this total. However, it is possible for a deposit to allow four mining attempts, but have only two or three target locations. Likewise, it is possible for a deposit to have three to four target locations, yet only allow two mining attempts.