A pilot wearing the standard Remlok Flight Suit

Suits are standard gear for commanders aboard their ships and on the ground. Different suit models offer different tools and functions. Currently, only the default Flight Suit is available, but three other models will be added in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.[1][2]

Suit models

Name Manufacturer Type Tools Weapon Slots Image
Flight Suit Remlok Basic Energylink
Profile Analyser
0 Primary
2 Secondary
Artemis Suit Supratech Exploration Energylink
Genetic Sampler
Profile Analyser
1 Primary
1 Secondary
Supratech Artemis explorer suit.png
Dominator Suit Manticore Combat Energylink
Profile Analyser
2 Primary
1 Secondary
Dominator tactical suit.png
Maverick Suit Remlok Scavenging Arc Cutter
Profile Analyser
1 Primary
1 Secondary
Maverick utility suit.png



All space suits provide breathable air and limited protection from vacuum and extreme environments as long as they are powered. Shields can also be activated to absorb a limited amount of weapons fire, and are a must in combat situations because an unshielded suit is relatively flimsy.


Venturing into an especially hot or cold environment, activating shields, or using the suit's built-in flashlight all cause faster suit battery drain. When a suit battery nears exhaustion, it will automatically terminate non-vital processes such as the flashlight to try and extend battery life. When a battery runs dry, the suit will stop producing air and the wearer will suffocate. Suits will not expend power when the wearer is in a normalised enviroment with breathable air.

Suit batteries can be replenished with portable Energy Cells, or by using an Energylink to draw power from a Suit Recharge Socket, which can be found at station Concourses or inside settlements.


A space suit's backpack allows the wearer to carry a limited amount of Components and Goods. Each model of suit offers a different amount of carrying capacity, with the Maverick Suit boasting the largest carrying capacity.


Certain Components and Goods can be used to upgrade a suit's resilience and allow more Engineering modifications to be added to it. New suits begin at Grade 1, and can be upgraded to Grade 5.



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