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A pilot wearing the standard Remlok Flight Suit

Suits are standard gear for commanders aboard ships and on the ground. There are 4 suit models with different tools and functions. Suits can be upgraded, modified, and saved to Loadouts.

Suit models[]

These are the available suit models. Originally, only the default Flight Suit was available, but 3 models were added in ED: Odyssey..[1][2]

Name Manufacturer Type Tools Weapon Slots Cost Image
Flight Suit Remlok Basic Energylink
Profile Analyser
0 Primary
1 Secondary
Free Elite-Dangerous-Remlok-Suit
Artemis Suit Supratech Exploration Energylink
Genetic Sampler
Profile Analyser
1 Primary
1 Secondary
150,000 CR Supratech Artemis explorer suit
Dominator Suit Manticore Combat Energylink
Profile Analyser
2 Primary
1 Secondary
150,000 CR Dominator tactical suit
Maverick Suit Remlok Scavenging Arc Cutter
Profile Analyser
1 Primary
1 Secondary
150,000 CR Maverick utility suit


The properties of each suit make it ideal for specific activities.

Initially it may be tough without an upgraded Maverick suit. However, ground settlements that are owned by an Anarchy faction allow you to do anything without getting fines or bounties. So Anarchy settlements are best to farm for materials and power cores to upgrade your suit.



All space suits provide breathable air and limited protection from vacuum and extreme environments as long as they are powered. Shields can also be activated to absorb a limited amount of weapons fire, and are a must in combat situations because an unshielded suit is relatively flimsy against kinetic, thermal, plasma, and explosive damage sources.

Suits also have finite tolerances for extreme environments. They can only withstand gravitational forces up to 2.69 G, and temperatures up to 700 K. A suit will also need to expend additional energy to regulate the wearer's body temperature in environments that fall above or below an approximate safe zone of 182 K.[3][4] In the event a commander disembarks from their ship on a planet that is above the 700 K limit, their suit will be unable to compensate for the added heat and they will sustain health damage.


Venturing into an especially hot or cold environment, activating shields, or using the suit's built-in flashlight all cause faster suit battery drain. When a suit battery nears exhaustion, it will automatically terminate non-vital processes such as the flashlight to try and extend battery life. When a battery runs dry, the suit will stop producing air and the wearer will have only a limited supply of reserve oxygen before they suffocate. Suits will not expend power when the wearer is in a normalised enviroment with breathable air.

Suit batteries can be replenished with portable Energy Cells, or by using the Energylink tool to draw power from a Suit Recharge Socket, which can be found throughout settlements.


A space suit's backpack allows the wearer to carry a limited amount of Components and Goods, and includes storage for Data as well. Each model of suit offers a different amount of carrying capacity, with the Maverick Suit boasting the largest carrying capacity.

Suit backpacks are also equipped with a limited jetpack function that can allow the wearer to jump to significant heights or leap great distances, especially on low-gravity worlds. Using a backpack's maneuvering thrusters quickly drains the suit battery, but can provide an advantage in combat situations or be used to quickly reach areas that are otherwise difficult to access, such as settlement rooftops.

Upgrading and Engineering[]

Certain Components and Goods can be used to upgrade a suit's resilience and allow more Engineering modifications to be added to it. New suits begin at Grade 1, and can be upgraded to Grade 5 (except for the Flight Suit which cannot be upgraded).

Pioneer Supplies stores occasionally stock suits at up to Grade 3 that may also come with one or more Engineer modifications pre-installed; these high-grade suits are one-of-a-kind and cost substantially more than normal stock.[5] Upgrading can be performed at any Pioneer Supplies store, and will reset all suit cosmetics.


Currently, upgrading a suit with components and goods is a tedious and long grind that should be avoided. The recommended method is to check random Pioneer Supplies stores and look for engineered, premium suits. Because this is a faster and easier way to obtain exclusive higher grade suits and consumables. Each store location sells a limited amount. So once a player bought 1 suit it is unavailable for other players at that specific store. The stores restock once a week (normally on Thursdays).


Modifications can be installed on suits by unlocking and visiting Engineers who specialise in pilot equipment. Each modification requires a one-time payment of items and credits to install. Note that once a modification is added, it cannot be removed from the suit or replaced. If other modifications are desired, another suit of the same model must be purchased and upgraded to hold those mods. Multiple specialised Loadouts can be created to prepare for different situations.