Darkwater Inc is one of the largest private military forces to ever exist and their headquarters situated in this system. 'Keeping watch and keeping you safe.'

— In-Game Description.

Summerland is an Imperial system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It is the headquarters of the private military corporation Darkwater Inc. Access to Summerland is restricted, and requires a permit that can only be obtained by achieving the Imperial Navy rank of Baron.

System Layout

  • Summerland (Class G star)
    • Summerland A Belt
    • Summerland 1 (Landfall world, high metal content)
    • Summerland 2 (Landfall world, high metal content)
    • Summerland 3 (Landfall world, high metal content)
    • Summerland 4 (High metal content world)
      • Summerville Terminal (Outpost)
      • Summerland 4 A (Landfall world, rocky)
        • Cogswell's Progress (Settlement)
    • Summerland 5 (High metal content world)
    • Henry O'Hare's Haven (Earth-like world, terraformed)
    • Summerland 7 (Class III gas giant)
      • Summerland 7 A (Landfall world, rocky)
        • Giacobini Holdings (Settlement)
      • Summerland 7 B (Landfall world, rocky)
      • Summerland 7 C (Landfall world, rocky)
        • Tisserand Holdings (Surface settlement)
      • Summerland 7 D (Landfall world, rocky)
    • Summerland 8 (Class III gas giant with metal rich rings)
      • Summerland 8 A (High metal content world)
      • Summerland 8 B (Landfall world, rocky)
      • Summerland 8 C (Landfall world, rocky)
        • Roche Settlement (Surface settlement)
        • Summerland 8 C A (Landfall world, rocky)
      • Summerland 8 D (Landfall world, rocky)
      • Summerland 8 A (Rocky world)
    • Summerland 9 (Icy world)
    • Summerland 10 (Gas giant)
      • Summerland 10 A (Landfall world, icy)
      • Summerland 10 B (Landfall world, icy)
      • Summerland 10 C (Landfall world, icy)
        • Vercors Arena (Surface settlement)
        • Shoemaker Point (Surface port)
      • Summerland 10 D (Landfall world, icy)
        • Ryle Prospect (Surface settlement)
        • Summerland 10 D A (Landfall world, icy)
      • Summerland 10 E (Landfall world, icy)
    • Summerland 11 (Class I gas giant with icy rings)
      • Summerland 11 A (Icy world)
    • Summerland 12 (Icy world)

Minor Factions

  • Summerland Patron's Party (Patronage, Empire)
  • Summerland Patron's Principles (Patronage, Empire)
  • Summerland Crimson Allied Int (Corporate, Empire)
  • People's Quivira for Equality (Democracy, Empire)
  • Raiders of Summerland (Anarchy, Independent)
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