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The picture shows a couple of blue-white automated mining extractors on a ocre-yellow hill site, with a round, flat building in the foreground to the left. The extractors are firing white-purple flares into the ground.

A Surface Excavation site on the high-g planet Eol Prou JH-V e2-124 AB 4

A Surface Excavation is a type of Point of Interest that can be detected from orbit and accessed while On Foot or in a SRV.


A Surface Excavation site consists of 12 Automated Mining Extractors. These extractors can be scanned with a Data Link Scanner to show their content (e.g. Gold, Silver, Indite...). Shooting an Extractor releases a "Mining Fragment", which can be collected with the SRV. The fragments show up in the inventory as a ton of the specific commodity and are considered legal salvage.

Spawn Locations[]

Probably related to "Extraction" economy type. Celestial body requires some reserve.


  • Surface Excavations were introduced in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.
  • Shooting at the extractor only destroys the ore-holding tanks; the extractor keeps firing the laser regardless.
  • The mining laser fired by the extractor can destroy a stuck SRV in about 10 seconds. Use extreme caution when driving.