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The Taipan short-range fighter is Faulcon deLacy's response to the success of Core Dynamics' F-63 Condor and the Imperial Fighter designed by Gutamaya Shipyards for the Imperial Navy. The export restrictions on those models has left a wide gap in the market that Faulcon deLacy intends to exploit with the Taipan. Although most independent navies lack the large, capital-class carriers of the two larger superpowers, a range of smaller ships can be fitted with hangars to deploy small numbers of the craft. The Taipan can also act as a short-range critical-response fighter for starports and surface installations.

— In-Game Description

The Taipan is a Ship-Launched Fighter manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy.[1] Designed as a general-purpose fighter for independent navies, the Taipan has also been widely adopted by the Alliance Defence Force. It has a relatively lower top speed and maneuverability rating than the F63 Condor and the Gu-97, but boasts better durability, allowing it to withstand prolonged battles and survive hits that would instantly shred other fighter models. It can only be deployed from a Fighter Hangar equipped on a larger ship.


Among Ship-Launched Fighters, the Taipan is not as fast as the F63 Condor nor as maneuverable as the Imperial Fighter, but it does have the greatest armour and shield strength, allowing it to absorb more damage and still remain combat effective.

As an SLF, the Taipan does not possess a Frame Shift Drive, and thus cannot jump to Supercruise or Hyperspace. Its operational area is limited to the vicinity of its deployment point, such as a station, outpost, carrier, or ship-mounted Fighter Hangar.

The rear wings of the Taipan will move based on the amount of the fighter's heat level. As the fighter's heat level increases, the rear wings will form from a V-shape into a parallel shape. This allows the fighter to more effectively release heat into outer space, slightly hindering the fighter's manoeuvrability until cooled down.


The Taipan is available in 6 variants, which differ only in weapons and utility modules, and slightly in the top and boost speed. F-variants have fixed weapons and G-variants have gimballed weapons.

Variant Weapons Utility Damage Per Second Speed [Boost] (m/s) Pitch / Roll / Yaw Rate (deg/s) Cost (CR) *
Aegis F 2x fixed pulse lasers Point Defence Turret 44 273 [564] 41 / 91 / 18 15,270
AX1 F 2x AX Multi-cannon None 55 279 [577] 42 / 93 / 19 15,270
Rogue F 2x fixed plasma repeaters Chaff Launcher 36 263 [544] 40 / 88 / 18 15,270
Gelid G 2x gimballed beam lasers Heatsink Launcher 25 263 [544] 40 / 88 / 18 15,270
Rogue G 2x gimballed pulse lasers Chaff Launcher 12 263 [544] 40 / 88 / 18 15,270
Gelid F 2x fixed beam laser Heatsink Launcher 45 263 [544] 40 / 88 / 18 15,270

* This is the cost to initially outfit a Fighter Hangar bay for that fighter type/variant, or to change it to a different fighter type/variant. The cost to restock destroyed fighters is 1,030 CR each.[2]

Purchase Locations[]

The Taipan can be purchased in Alliance and Independent systems only, but can be restocked in any system.

System Station Date Seen
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Always available
Brestla i Sola Prospect Always Available
Ross 112 Egan Orbital Dec. 2, 2019
LHS 2931 Lee Station Dec. 2, 2019
Ross 1008 Yamazaki Hub Dec. 2, 2019
Huokang Steiner City Dec. 2, 2019



  • Concept art of the Taipan referred to it as the "Independent Fighter".
  • The Taipan's design similarities to Lakon Spaceways ships caused many players to assume that it was a Lakon product, but descriptions in the game and on cosmetic items in the Frontier Store for the fighter confirm that it is from Faulcon DeLacy.