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A Team of ships

Teams allow commanders and NPCs to fly together in a group of up to 4 ships. Teams gain multiple benefits via roles. For example, traders can be escorted by teammates for extra security, and the escorts will earn 5% of the trader's profit from selling commodities. Teammates can lock onto each other to follow their hyperspace routes. A teammate automatically drops out of supercruise if they follow the wake of another teammate. Team Missions can be shared among all teammates. Teams were originally called Wings until Odyssey.

Joining and Leaving


Sideview of ships in a Team

Joining and leaving a Team is performed through the comms panel of the HUD.


To start a team, select a Commander from the Comms Contacts tab in the Comms panel and choose "Invite to Team."

You'll see the contact listed under a new, "Team Requests" heading.

Once the Commander accepts the invitation, a team is formed. All teammate contacts will be listed under a "Teams" heading.

All teammates may issue invites until the team is full (contains 4 Commanders).


When a Commander invites you to join a team, a notification marker will appear next to your Inbox tab.

Navigate to your Inbox tab in the Comms Panel to view the invitation.

Highlight and select the TICK/CHECKMARK to accept the invitation.

Highlight and select the CROSS/X to decline the invitation.


To leave a team, select the Options entry under the "Teams" heading from the Comms Contacts tab and choose "Leave Team."

You can leave a team at any time. However, if you leave a team there is a cool down before you can join or start a new team.


ED Teams HUD

A group of four pilots in a team

Replacing the ship warning lights HUD bar is the teams interface. The warning lights are relocated to the top of the Info Panel.

Each Teammate in your team will have a status element in the teams interface HUD.

This element displays several pieces of information:

  • Teams Icon: each Teammate has a ID icon used to identify them in the HUD
    • Your own ID icon is displayed at the top left of your Comms Panel tab line
  • Surrounding the ID icon is a set of concentric rings showing the Teammate's ship shield status
    • As the shields are depleted the rings fade away
  • Below the shield status is a bar showing the teammate's ship hull status
    • As the hull is damaged the bar is reduced
  • Below the hull status is the teammate's Commander name
  • To the left of the Commander name is the teammate's voice status
  • Below the Commander name is the teammate's current target
    • If the teammate is in a different system the system name is displayed here

When a teammate targets a vessel, their ID icon will appear next to the entity when you look at it.

All HUD elements connected with your teammates are coloured cyan to help you spot them.

When a vessel is hostile to a teammate, it will display with purple HUD elements to inform you of the state.

When you target a vessel and perform a basic scan, the bottom left target info panel will display if the ship is in a team and how many members the team has.


Team Icons ED

Team icons

There are several beneficial features that become active when you are in a team:

Teammate Targeting

New Binding Default Binding
Select Teammate 1 7
Select Teammate 2 8
Select Teammate 3 9
Select Teammate's Target 0

You can use new hotkey bindings to quickly target each Teammate in your team.

If you target a Teammate you will target their wake if applicable.

If you target a Teammate in a different system you will target their system.

If you have a Teammate targeted, you can use the Select Teammate's Target binding.

In addition, all scans performed by Teammates are shared across the entire team as long as they are present at the location.

Teammate Relaxed Requirements

When using wakes created by your Teammate, you can travel faster and be further away and still safely use them.

Teammate Crime Exemption

You cannot commit crimes against Teammates and no authorities will intervene as long as your actions do not affect other ships or structures.

Cargo can be freely transferred between Teammates who all count as its owner.

Crimes against non-Teammates remain personal. Other Teammates are not punished directly, though they may well commit crimes if they wish to help out.

Teammate Nav-Lock

You can slave your ship's frame shift drive to a Teammate's vessel. Select a Commander from the Comms Contacts tab in the Comms panel who is listed under the "Team" heading and choose "Engage Teammate Nav-Lock."

You will see a square marker appear on the Teammate's status element in the team interface.

When you are nav-locked, the following effects occur *automatically* if you are close enough to them.

When the nav-lock marker is cyan, you are within nav-lock range.

When the nav-lock marker is red, you are out of range.

  • You will follow the Teammate into and out of super cruise
    • Standard requirements still apply (retracted hardpoints and gear, etc.)
  • You will follow the Teammate into a hyperspace jump
    • Standard requirements still apply (retracted hardpoints and gear, capable FSD, fuel, etc.)
  • You will follow the Teammate's wakes
    • Standard requirements still apply

Note, you can only slave your drive to a single Teammate at a time, but you can change the nav-lock target freely.

To turn off the nav-lock, select the nav-locked Commander from the Comms Contacts tab in the Comms panel who is listed under the "Team" heading and choose "Cancel Teammate Nav-Lock."

Teammate Beacon Signal

When in normal space, you can activate your ship's beacon signal, by navigating to the Functions tab, highlighting and selecting "Beacon."

Choose "Team" to turn the beacon signal on.

Choose "Off" to turn the beacon signal off.

Whilst the beacon signal is on, any Commanders at super cruise in your system will see a signal contact on their sensors.

You can target and drop out at a signal contact to arrive at the Teammate's location in normal space.

Teammate Massacre Missions

Sharing team massacre missions:

  • Massacre missions may be shared within a team by clicking the "Share" button for the team massacre mission in the Transactions panel
  • Each commander in the team can only share one team mission each
  • When a mission is shared, each Teammate will receive a message indicating that a new mission is available for them in the Transactions panel
  • Teammates must then accept shared missions in the Transactions panel
  • Teammates do not need to have any reputation with the faction that issued the original mission; this makes it possible to share missions that pay a large number of credits with Commanders that are not actually eligible for those missions yet

Progress sharing:

  • The Commander that shares the massacre mission also shares the current progress of the mission (e.g. if the Commander's progress is 49/50 kills, then the Teammates will also see 49/50 kills after accepting the shared mission)
  • Teammates do not need to be present in the same system as the Commander that shared the mission for progress to update

Completing missions:

  • Upon mission completion, in order for Teammates to receive the mission reward, the Commander that shared the mission must first turn-in the completed mission
  • The Teammates will then receive a message indicating that they are also able to turn-in the mission and collect their reward for it
  • All Commanders must turn-in the mission at the same station, to the same faction, that issued the mission
  • If a Teammate attempts to turn-in the mission before the Commander that shared it has turned-in, they will not see the completed mission on the Mission Board
  • Rewards for completion of massacre missions are not shared; each commander gets the full reward amount and is able to choose their preferred reward from the mission's 3 reward options

Teammate Shared Bounties

As of Update 2.3, every Teammate receives a copy of the full bounty, as long as they are present when the wanted vessel is destroyed. They do not need to land any hits on the wanted vessel in order to receive the bounty.

Teammate Trade Dividend

Main article: Trade Dividend

Trade Dividends are received when in a team with someone makes a profitable trade, so long as you are also in the same star system. They are vouchers for a payment of credits, awarded by starports to encourage the protection of traders in the system.

They may be handed in at any starport in the system, via the Starport Services Menu → Contacts → Local Security Office.

All Teammates in the group get a 5% bonus of the commodity's profit being sold.

Formula: Profit Per Ton * Amount Sold * 0.05 = Trade Dividend

Teammate Shared Exploration

When in the same system as your Teammates, exploration data is awarded for all Teammates present, allowing the entire team to profit.

The first person to hand the data in is eligible for any bonus payment, but if the data constitutes a new discovery, all Teammates present in the system when the body was scanned will be listed as the discoverers.