Holo-Me Hologram

Telepresence is a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they are present at a place other than their true physical location. This is used to e.g. remotely join other people's ships and control Ship-Launched Fighters.

Utilization Edit

Multicrew Edit

People can remotely join the cockpit of other ships via telepresence. Multicrew uses Holo-Me technology to display a holographic representation of themselves in another ship.[1][2]

Ship-Launched Fighters Edit

It is used to remotely control Ship-Launched Fighters (SLF). The pilot is located in their ship and uses telepresence to virtually control the fighter. There's a range limit between the SLF and the mothership from where it launched to maintain a telepresence connection.

Limitations Edit

Telepresence can only be used in ships that are equipped with this technology. It requires a vacant pilot seat.

The telepresence connection between the true physical location of a person and another ship can become unstable and occasionally disconnect. Because it involves significant distances across the galaxy so if the remote connection is weak it will disconnect.

People can't remotely pilot another ship (helm control) aside from Ship-Launched Fighters which must remain near the mothership to maintain a connection. These limitations are out of safety concerns to avoid telepresence-hacking and unstable long-distance galactic connections.

Holo-me holograms appear realistic, but they are distinguishable from real people. The remote connection can be closed by the pilot at the helm of a ship.

A Holo-Me hologram is not a physical person so it can't be grabbed or touched. The range of where a Holo-Me person can go is limited by technology on-board a ship.

References Edit

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