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As the only daughter of a prosperous entrepreneur, Terra was born into extraordinary wealth. But a highly rebellious streak led her to reject the familial expectations placed upon her. She fled home, falling in with an antiauthoritarian group that engaged in a string of daring robberies. One failed heist and a decade of incarceration later, Terra operates an independent workshop and claims to have left her criminal past behind.

— In-Game Description

Terra Velasquez is an Engineer who specialises in "Dynamic" Suit and Handheld Weapon modifications. Her workshop is Rascal's Choice in the Shou Xing system.

Access Requirements

Fulfill Jude Navarro's referral requirement.
Meeting Requirements
Complete 6 Covert Heist and/or Covert Theft On Foot missions.
Referral Requirements
Provide 15 units of Financial Projections to learn about Oden Geiger.

Modifications Offered

Suit Modifications

Weapon Modifications


  • Terra Velasquez is one of nine Engineers added in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.
  • As of Odyssey Update 4, Terra Velasquez's Meeting Requirement is reportedly bugged, and the game may not be properly counting Covert Theft missions. Covert Heist missions are still counted correctly.