Emerald is a terraformed planet in the Cemiess system

Terraforming is the process of modifying the environment of a planet or moon. The purpose is to make an uninhabitable planet or moon suitable for species and other lifeforms. Terraforming can change the atmosphere, topography, temperature and ecology.

M-class planets are terrestrial Earth-like worlds with a breathable oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere.[1] Humans have terraformed many planets and moons in the galaxy. This involves the use of Atmospheric Processors and Land Enrichment Systems. The Sirius Corporation and WorldCraft are major players in the terraforming business.

If the population is small or limited resources then artificial biospheres can be built to adapt parts of a planetary surface for humans.

Some systems have a terraforming market economy. There's import demands for general goods and exports of Hydrogen fuel, biowaste.

History Edit

The term 'terraforming' was first coined by Jack Wiliamson in the scifi story Collission Orbit which was published in Astounding Science Fiction in 1942.[2]

The early terraforming tended to use genetically engineered biological processes that would change the atmosphere of a suitable world over many decades to a breathable atmosphere using energy captured from the star via biological processes. This process was both slow, expensive (it was made up of many stages) and only a narrow set of worlds were suitable. The idea of doing direct chemical conversion on a vast scale was there, but not practical because of the vast power requirements.[3]

Mars was terraformed into an Earth-like world in 2286 and 2291. Afterward humans could walk on the surface and breathe without the need for oxygen suits or respirators.[4]

In 3082, late emperor Atticus Obellan Duval sent a second mission to Exioce to terraform the planet, experiment and establish a permanent Imperial presence there.[5]

Terraformed Planets Edit

These are some terraformed planets in the galaxy:

There are also candidates for terraforming such as GD 140.

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