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Thargoid Organic Structure

Thargoid Barnacle Barbs

Thargoid Barnacle Barbs are structures found surrounding a Thargoid Barnacle or Thargoid Surface Site. They can be found both as a static and persistent entity and as randomly generated content.

Upon destruction, the glowing deposits are dropped on the ground and can be picked up from an SRV in the same way as materials. These are generally one of a range of materials, with reports of Iron, Sulphur, Germanium, Manganese, Tungsten and Arsenic being found in this way. In addition to these, some organic structures have a glowing green part sticking out of them that always drops a Mining Fragment which yields a single unit of Meta-alloys. There is a clear visual difference in the pods that drop the Meta-alloys versus the pods that drop materials. Meta-alloys drop from 'ripe' pods that are brighter and larger than the unripe pods that drop materials.