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The Thargoid Hunter is an alien vessel used by the Thargoids. It is assumed to have been made recently in response to humanity's fight back against the Thargoids' advance into the Bubble. At the moment, only 2 subtypes have been identified: the Glaive and the Scythe.


During the Second Thargoid War, these vessels were presumably manufactured directly to respond against humanity. They were initially found only within the core of the Thargoid Maelstroms, defending the Titan, but in the weeks following the Titan's discovery they began appearing in other instances, such as AX Conflict Zones and interdicting ships from Supercruise in Thargoid invaded systems. It has been confirmed that the reason for their creation is to combat humanity's "cold-orbiting" technique, as they are able to maintain the ability to lead shots even when a human ship is at a very low temperature, and they are too fast to out-manoeuvre.

These vessels are deployed from small vent openings on the outer petals of the Thargoid Titan as well as its central maw.



Variant Thargoid Hearts USS Threat Level Notes Image
Glaive Zero Unknown Immediately hostile on detection. Glaive Close
Scythe Zero Unknown Appears to deploy smaller vessels dedicated to picking up Escape Pods, becomes aggressive when detects any in Player's cargo hold.

Appears to hyperdict and interdict Players with Escape Pods onboard.

Thargoid Scythe 1


Thargoid Hunter Glaive 1


The Hunter is drastically different to the Interceptor in appearance. It has 8 blade shaped petals and is a lot smaller, with an opaque canopy in the front. The Glaive has 4 large petals and 4 small petals that counter rotate and glow yellow when lightning is about to deploy. The Scythe Hunter variant, has 8 equal length petals, the same size as the Glaive's longest, that all rotate the same direction. It also has a slightly raised cockpit with two large pincers on the front.

Thargoid hunter limpet

A Limpet-like craft deployed from the 8 Petaled Hunter


The Hunter uses four weapons when in combat with human vessels, three of which it shares with the Interceptor. These are the typical cannon fire, the enzyme missiles, and its lightning. However, the Hunter appears to to fire all of its missiles simultaneously from each of its larger outer petals, whereas the Interceptor fires its missile round sequentially from its rear. Furthermore, the Hunter can use its lightning at will, and not after a certain amount of damage has been done. Its cool down on all weapons appears to be shorter than an Interceptor too.

The Hunter's fourth weapon is a homing missile, which will disrupt the Frame Shift Drive of the targeted ship, forcing it to reboot.


Much like Interceptor and Scout class ships, Hunters have been observed both emerging from Hyperspace and interdicting human ships from Supercruise. So far this has been witnessed around Maelstroms and systems actively under Thargoid Invasion or Control. Scythes are capable of hyperdicting human ships attempting to leave said systems.

The Scythe variant is equipped with vessels similar to human limpets in function. The Scythe uses Breach Drones against unshielded human ships with Escape Pods onboard, forcing it to jettison cargo. Unlike Hatch Breaker Limpets, Breach Drones are also capable of attacking onboard Passenger Cabins, forcing the passengers inside to eject using escape pods. The Scythe will then pick up the pods by using Collection Drones, which behave much like Collector Limpets.

Image 2024-03-17 121724047

A thargoid limpet on the ship's hud

Following their appearance outside Maelstrom systems, it has been confirmed Hunters are capable of generating a field that degrades nearby Guardian technology (including Guardian-Human hybrid modules), similar to the pulse produced by the Orthrus class Interceptor. This field can quickly render Guardian-hybrid weapons inoperable, making it advisable to equip human AX weapons during encounters.


Thargoid Hunter Glaive 2

Glaive near a gas giant

The Hunter is a relatively weak vessel, with enhanced AX Multi-cannons being sufficient to take one down. However, the Hunter will immediately start with its shield up, and will regenerate it rapidly when using lightning. It is quite weak to the Thargoid Seed Mines found in the vicinity of the Titan and one to two detonations within range can kill an unshielded Hunter with ease. The Scythe variant is even weaker and does not use shields.

An Electronic Countermeasure can break the lock of the Hunter's FSD-rebooting missile, and can also destroy any Breach or Collection Drones used by a Scythe.

Combat Tactics

Since Hunters are able to rapidly degrade Guardian Weaponry (which is also entirely impractical within Maelstrom systems), one must strive to remove the Hunter's shields quickly using conventional laser weaponry, then immediately switch to Multi-cannon fire. The lightning it uses is quite frequent, and since Guardian Module Reinforcements are useless, it is recommended to stay far away from the vessel if it begins to glow. To deal with the FSD-rebooting missiles, Point Defence Turrets can be equipped to shoot them down, or use an Electronic Countermeasure to break the missile lock. However, caustic missles will hit the ship anyway, so equipping a Caustic Sink Launcher will be useful.

If a Scythe brings down a ship's shields, it will periodically send out Breach Drones to jettison any passengers onboard. Breach Drones can be destroyed using Point Defence Turrets or Electronic Countermeasures, but these need energy from the ship's Systems (SYS) capacitor, which may be drained from recharging shields. Deactivating the Shield Generator will free up the SYS capacitor for utilities.

In the outer cloud of a Thargoid Maelstrom, skillful maneuvering around the Caustic Seed Mines can lure a Hunter into flying into one, which can instantly destroy (or seriously damage) an unshielded Hunter. A fast ship is recommended for this tactic in order to dodge taking damage as well.

Multi-cannons are recommended over AX Missiles due to the Hunter's immense speed making acquiring missile lock extremely difficult.


  • Files datamined from the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha mention a vehicle by the name of the Glaive. This was thought to be a new Thargoid vessel until Update 15 where it was confirmed to exist.