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The Thargoid Mothership is a capital ship manufactured by the Thargoids. These mysterious vessels have not been sighted since the First Thargoid War.


During the First Thargoid War between 3125 and 3151, the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm facility Carmichael Point was armed with anti-Thargoid weaponry and disguised as an important military site to bait the Thargoids. Logs recovered from the location over a century later described the arrival of a huge Thargoid mothership. Carmichael Point and all INRA operatives present were destroyed. The mothership suffered minimal damage from the site's defensive batteries.[1]

CMDR John Jameson's recovered ship logs mentioned that he got up close to the superstructure of a "hive ship" while on his mission to deploy the mycoid bioweapon and end the war. He claimed it had hyperdrives, and described it as amazing and beautiful.[2]