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The Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser is a utility module that is necessary to visit a Thargoid Maelstrom.


The Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser is a variant of the Shutdown Field Neutraliser, which is designed specifically to counteract the Thargoid Maelstroms' shockwave defence mechanism. Unlike the Shutdown Field Neutraliser, it has to be unlocked with materials and only one can be bought at a time with the same materials, rather than making the module permanently available to buy. It can be bought at all Rescue Megaships, and multiple must be unlocked with the same materials.

The Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser works in the same way as the Shutdown Field Neutraliser, where it has to be fully charged before the shockwave/shutdown field hits you. Unlike the Shutdown Field Neutraliser, this module has a longer charge-up time, and has a higher active distributor draw, and draws power even while it is charging up. This makes timing it with the Maelstrom shockwave harder, as the time the neutraliser is actually active is usually mere seconds before running out and needing to re-prime. If the neutraliser runs out of charge before the shockwave hits you, your ship will not be protected from the shockwave.

It is possible to encounter more than one shockwave on the way towards the core of the Maelstrom, where each should be countered using the Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser.

If the Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser is timed properly, the user's ship will start generating heat, possibly capable of getting a ship's heat levels above 300%, causing significant module damage. This damage can be mitigated with the use of Heatsink Launchers. The amount of heat generated seems to vary and may be as low as 25% rise. This heat can also be used to burn off any remaining caustic substance from the outer Maelstrom, as the inner area around the Titan has no passive caustic damage.


Rating Mass (t) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Distributor Draw (MW) Cooldown time (s) Charge time (s) Value
E 3.00 70 0.40 0.33 10 2 146,250

Engineer Modifications[]

There aren't any Engineer Modifications available for this utility module.

Purchase Locations[]

The Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser must be bought from a Technology Broker present at any Rescue Megaship.

As of 29 February 2024, the unlock requirements for the Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser have been removed.[1]

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