The 10th Legion is an Imperial Special Mission Unit, operating under the command of Admiral Denton Patreus.  In June of 3305 The 10th Legion, chose to withdraw its support of ALD and offer its support to Admiral Denton Patreus and Patreus Planning.

The legion is based in its Imperial Headquarters in Elysia alongside other classified forward operating bases, listening posts and allied territories. From these locations, the legion dispatches and receives information from numerous intelligence officers and agents.

The primary objective of the legion is to execute missions based on actionable intelligence to further the interests of the Empire. These missions ultimately result in the thwarting of Federal incursions.

After remaining defunct for millennia, the 10th Legion was commissioned to serve as a special mission unit for Imperial Intelligence. Proposed by officers from the Loyalist Remnant of Dragoons, the purpose of the revival was to provide the IIS with a legion that, like its ancient predecessor, could be trusted absolutely by its superiors to carry out critical missions whilst maintaining the highest degree of secrecy and reliability. Following the notoriously difficult selection process, all legionnaires are trained in the arts of subterfuge and asymmetrical warfare. It can only be speculated where these skills are put into practice.

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Legion Rank Edit

Wing organization

Prospect (green)

Every 10th Legion member starts at this rank. It is essentially a probationary period for recruits to get a feel for the wing, and to see if they enjoy participating in legion activities.  It is also a trial on our end, to see if you are a good addition to the team.  Prospects are not required to meet a specific skill level or playtime; Your only real objective as a prospect is to play the game with us, and see how you like doing what we do, abiding by our code and being a part of our cause.

Legionary (crimson)

This is a full 10th Legion member.  Legionaries are the lifeblood of what we do and have graduated from the prospect phase by showing an interest and desire to be a part of the 10th and have also proven they fit in to our culture and abide by our rules. Legionaries enjoy full access to our BGS operations and can contribute freely to missions given to us by Patreus Planning.  Legionaries are always expected to abide by our code of conduct.

Senior Legionary (crimson)

The rank of Senior Legionary is equal to that of a Legionary, but it is given to those that have been with the 10th Legion for nine months to one year, depending on how active the person is.  The roll of a Senior Legionary is to be a source of information for new Prospects and Legionaries, as a sort of big brother.

Sergeant (maroon)

Observer, keeper of the peace, enforcer.  Sergeants are NCOs and the first link in the chain of command. Sergeants act as moderators for the discord as well as any other comms format utilized during Legion operations (ex. Xbox party chat) Sgts also provide training for newer members or those looking to branch out and learn more about game mechanics.  Sgts also encourage activity within their flights by organizing wings for BGS or ALD operations. If their flight’s Lieutenant is not present, they also assume command of the flight for any operations for the duration of the absence.

Strike Leader (blue)

The role of a 10th Legion Strike Leader is normally held by a Lieutenant and on rear occasions a Jr. Lieutenant.  Their job is to rally their troops in times of war, and to be the organizer and leader of operations to ensure a solid line of communication and orders among the chaos. The Strike Leader also ensures that legionaries understand and execute any orders or missions given to them by their Strike Group Leaders.  In downtime the Strike Leader fosters an environment of fun, excitement, camaraderie, and respect among legionaries by providing mediation, discipline, and diplomatic solutions to problems.  The Strike Leader also provides avenues for training and improvement for newer players and offers purpose and motivation for veterans.

Strike Group Leader (blue)

The Strike Group Leader is a position that is normally held by a Captain.  The Strike Group Leader main responsibilities include the continual training and development of those under their command in all forms of special operations.  This includes BGS, Power Play PvP, and Economic Warfare.  The Strike Group Leader is also responsible for the execution of orders from the chain of command.  Maintenance of strike groups, and the direction of assets on the field of battle is assumed by the Strike Group Leader.

Operations Officer (light blue)

The Operations Officer is a position normally held by a Captain or Major.  Operations Officers utilize their extensive knowledge of BGS mechanics to formulate strategies that become orders issued to Legionaries.  Ops officers also monitor 10th legion systems to maintain stability and security of 10th space, as well as maintaining the 10ths comm channels.

Executive Officer (Light blue)

The Executive Officer of the 10th Legion is normally held by a Colonel or Major.  The XOs main responsibility is to maintain order and discipline within the ranks of the 10th Legion.  In addition to maintaining order, the XO will also assume command in the absence of the Legions Commanding Officer.

Commanding Officer (Gold)

The Commanding Officer is the highest rank achievable in the 10th Legion and is normally held by a flag rank of Admiral and in very rear occasions by one of the Senior officers. The Commanding Officer is responsible for the direction and the overall condition of the Legion. It is the COs responsibility to ensure that orders from the Imperial High Command are executed to the highest degree and done in a timely manner. The Commanding Officer is the top of the chain of command within the 10th and is the sole deciding entity that finalizes all decisions, and the direction of the Legion.

The Commanding Officer is also responsible for any and all diplomatic relations within the 10th Legion.  In addition to the training and development of all legionnaires, the CO ensures that the curriculum of all prospects and legionnaires complies with Patreus Planning, and IHC.

The current Commanding Officer of the 10th legion is Rear Admiral Setesh.


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