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The Dukes of Mikunn are a player minor faction which has built up a significant sphere of influence in the sector through a series of investment and acquisitions. As such they are able to use their portfolio of assets to leverage against local leaders.


  • Mikunn
  • HR 7327
  • Sefrys
  • Kwatee
  • Sukua


24 Dec 3300

Birth of the player group.

03 Feb 3301 (Galnet news)

The Dukes of Mikunn have begun sanctions against the dictatorial Law Party of HR 7327, in the HR 7327 system. As such, commerce to the Law Party owned Gabriel Station will be under blockade until such time as a regime change occurs. As the Dukes of Mikunn currently hold majority influence in the system, the reins of power at Gabriel Station should naturally pass to the Duchy of Mikunn.
For the safety of all private traders, their Graces the Dukes have requested that independent pilots should stay clear of HR 7327, and Gabriel Station in particular, until further notice.
Traffic should be routed to the neighbouring systems of Sukua, Kwatee and of course, Mikunn. Commanders interested in toppling the dictatorship of the Law Party should make their way to Mikunn and contact Commander Lucifer Wolfgang, Commander Calomiriel, or his Lordship the Count of Monte Fisto.
Soda Popinski, Media Relations, Duchy of Mikunn [1]

08 Jun 3301 (Galnet news)

The Dukes of Mikunn Unveil Mercenary’s Respite Thanks to the efforts of the Mercenaries of Mikunn, who were assisted in their endeavour to colonise a previously uninhabited region of space by hundreds of independent commanders, the Dukes of Mikunn are pleased to announce the opening of a new station in the area previously known as COL 285 Sector VG-1 B24-6.
Over 1 million tonnes of metal were collected in Kwatee last month to help construct “Mercenary’s Respite” the Duke’s newest Coriolis station. Remoteness from major high-tech hubs and attempts at bureaucratic power plays by the Law Party of HR 7327 are blamed for the delay in opening the Duke’s latest military installation.
The Law Party’s assistance in constructing the station was initially offered in order to forge a lasting peace with the Dukes as part a cease-fire agreement in regards to HR 7327. Ironically, the Law Party lost an election to the Dukes during the truce, leading to the Dukes gaining control of both HR 7327 and COL 285 Sector VG-1 B24-6.
B24-6, as the locals call it, has been renamed “Sefrys” in honour of a fallen Mercs commander.
The Dukes of Mikunn urge all those who may have business with either the Dukes or the Mercs to contact their agents aboard Mercenary's Respite in order to make the appropriate arrangements. [2]