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The Gnosis Outotz ST-I d9-6 8
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The Gnosis is a Megaship owned by Canonn Interstellar Research Group. Capable of faster-than-light travel, The Gnosis is intended to be deployed to locations of ongoing scientific interest such as Alien Structures, Ancient Ruins, and Thargoid Surface Sites. The vessel was launched on May 18, 3303 in the Varati system, and can be found at its current location in the Flight Plan.



A 10-tier community goal was launched by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group requesting deliver 35 million tons of Indium, Computer Components, and Tea to help build a new Megaship to serve as the Canonn's mobile command post. It started on May 11, 3303, and 9,721 players contributed to complete the goal in 64 hours. The average delivery rate of goods was 9114 tons per minute.[1][2][3]

Maiden jumpEdit

On September 25, 3303, it was announced that The Gnosis would attempt its first hyperspace jump from Varati to Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81 on September 28th. Any ships docked in The Gnosis's hangars at the time of the jump will travel with it to the destination. Canonn Gnosis Division warned that pilots in the vicinity of The Gnosis who do not dock and enter a hangar will not travel with the ship, and also risk severe damage or ship loss due to the jump's energy vortex.[4] A flight operations plan for The Gnosis was also posted at hangars within the ship that confirmed two additional jumps were planned for the immediate future.[5]

The Gnosis's first jump was a success, and it arrived safely with its passengers in Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81.[6] Subsequent jumps have occurred without incident.

Cone Sector expeditionEdit

On August 13, 3304, Canonn Gnosis Division updated the flight plan of The Gnosis and announced plans to jump from Outotz ST-I d9-4 to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 in the Cone Sector region for a four-week tour from September 6 to October 4. The Cone Sector was an inaccessible pocket of systems surrounded by a larger permit-locked sector that was too wide for conventional vessels to jump through. Canonn Gnosis Division advised that traveling aboard The Gnosis would be the only way to safely enter or exit the Cone Sector for the foreseeable future. On October 4, when The Gnosis departed the Cone Sector, any pilots not secured in a hangar aboard The Gnosis before it jumps would be left behind and trapped in the region indefinitely for as long as their ship held out.[7]

On August 28, the Pilots Federation placed Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 and all other systems in the Cone Sector under a permit-lock. The following day, the organisation explained that the Cone Sector was believed to contain high concentrations of a newly-encountered and extremely dangerous Thargoid Interceptor variant, the Hydra, and had placed the permit-lock in the interest of public safety. Nonetheless, Canonn Gnosis Division confirmed that The Gnosis would attempt the jump to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 as scheduled.[8] After The Gnosis arrived in the Outotz ST-I d9-4 system on August 30, the Eagle Eye array intercepted Thargoid transmissions that referenced the same system, implying that The Gnosis's movements had drawn the Thargoids' attention and the vessel was under their observation. This also coincided with the sudden and unexplained disappearance of all Thargoid Scouts from the Core Systems and the Pleiades Nebula.[9]

In a speech to the galactic community broadcast from The Gnosis on September 2, Canonn's leader Dr. Arcanonn stated, "Today we stand on the edge together, as we have so many times before. There are those who do not want us to take this leap of faith into the unknown. There are those whose reasons remain a mystery and yet expect us to blindly obey to their restrictions. By being aboard The Gnosis today I can only presume that all of you have chosen to to defy the boundaries placed upon us. Unless you have experienced an extremely ill-timed ship breakdown. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, Gnosis Crew, Canonneers, Explorers, Traders, Miners, Mercs, Pirates, and ill-advised tourists, for joining us on this voyage, wherever it may lead. Dr. Arcanonn out."[10]


The Gnosis Megaship

On September 6, when The Gnosis attempted the jump to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0, it was interrupted by a Thargoid attack. Captain Mathius Leander of the Gnosis command crew transmitted the following emergency message: "We were a short way into our journey when the Gnosis was hyperdicted by a group of Thargoid vessels. The wrench back into real space caused severe internal damage to multiple systems, including the frame shift drive. There's no doubt that we would have been destroyed if not for some of the Commanders travelling with us. They lured the Thargoids away while ejecting meta-alloys from their holds. The aliens were more interested in scooping up the meta-alloys than attacking us. The Commanders later reported that the Thargoid vessels were the recently identified Hydra Interceptors. The Gnosis is currently adrift close to the eighth planet of the Outotz ST-I d9-6 system. We have begun essential repairs, but there is a risk that the Thargoids may return before we can escape the system."[11] Pilots undocking from The Gnosis reported coming under immediate attack from Thargoid Interceptors and Thargoid Scouts of various types, with casualties quickly mounting under the onslaught. Space in the vicinity of The Gnosis was also saturated with Non-Human Signal Sources.[12][13]

In the aftermath of the incident, Canonn officials expressed their disappointment that the Cone Sector expedition was not to be, but noted that the attempt and failure had provided an opportunity to study the Hydra Interceptors up close and in combat. The discovery of at least two Barnacle clusters and one Thargoid Surface Site in Outotz ST-I d9-6 also evidenced the wider region's significance in relation to the Thargoids.[14]

Recent travelsEdit

Canonn Gnosis Division originally planned to take The Gnosis on a long-term trip into the Formidine Rift when it departed the Cone Sector on October 4. After the Thargoid attack and failed jump to the Cone Sector, the Rift expedition was reevaluated since it would take almost a year for The Gnosis to travel there and back. As an alternative, it was proposed that The Gnosis should instead investigate nebulae around the Core Systems for possible Thargoid activity. Canonn members voted in favor of the nebula plan, which would take The Gnosis on a tour of the NGC 7822 Nebula, the Cave Nebula, the Elephant's Trunk Nebula, the Pelican Nebula, the North America Nebula, and the Sadr Region. The Gnosis departed Outotz ST-I d9-6 and made its first jump toward the NGC 7822 Nebula on September 27, 3304.

On December 7, 3304, The Gnosis command crew announced a course change that would take the vessel to HR 1185 near the Pleiades Nebula by January 17, 3305, and then onward to Guardian space and some normally inaccessible systems beyond the galactic plane. On July 18, 3305, The Gnosis will return to the Core Systems by jumping to Tonatiuh.

Flight PlanEdit


System Duration of Stay Notes
Varati May 18, 3303 - September 28, 3303 The Gnosis's origin system, and Canonn headquarters
Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81 September 28, 3303 - October 5, 3303 Maiden jump destination
A Thargoid Surface Site can be found on body AB 3 c, and three Barnacles can be found on body C 2.
HIP 18778 October 5, 3303 - October 12, 3303 A Thargoid Surface Site can be found on body A 2 a.
Witch Head Sector DL-Y d8 October 12, 3303 - October 26, 3303
BD-12 1172 October 26, 3303 - November 2, 3303
Mintaka November 2, 3303 - November 9, 3303
Betelgeuse November 9, 3303 - November 16, 3303
Merope November 16, 3303 - November 23, 3303 Five Barnacles can be found on body 2 A, and four can be found on body 5 C.
Meene November 23, 3303 - December 7, 3303
IC 2391 Sector YE-A d103 December 7, 3303 - December 14, 3303 Ancient Ruins can be found on body B 1.
Jackson's Lighthouse December 14, 3303 - December 21, 3303
Santa Muerte December 21, 3303 - December 28, 3303
Varati December 28, 3303 - January 11, 3304


System Duration of Stay Notes
Varati December 28, 3303 - January 11, 3304
LBN 623 Sector PD-S b4-5 January 11, 3304 - January 18, 3304
HIP 17125 January 18, 3304 - January 25, 3304
Taygeta January 25, 3304 - February 1, 3304
Electra February 1, 3304 - Feburary 15, 3304
Maia Feburary 15, 3304 - March 8, 3304 Delay: Departure delayed by one week due to server maintenance related to v3.0.
Evenses March 8, 3304 - March 15, 3304
Meene March 15, 3304 - March 22, 3304
Synuefe XO-P c22-17 March 22, 3304 - March 29, 3304 Ancient Ruins and Brain Trees can be found on body C 1.
Vela Dark Region EG-X b1-1 March 29, 3304 - April 5, 3304 A Guardian Structure can be found on body A 1.
HD 63154 April 5, 3304 - April 12, 3304 A Guardian Structure and two Brain Tree sites can be found on body B 3 a.
Vela Dark Region JS-T b3-0 April 12, 3304 - April 19, 3304 A Guardian Structure can be found on body A 3.
Synuefe EU-Q c21-10 April 19, 3304 - April 26, 3304 A Guardian Structure can be found on body A 3.
Synuefe GT-H b43-1 April 26, 3304 - May 3, 3304 A Guardian Structure can be found on body C 4.
HIP 39768 May 3, 3304 - May 10, 3304 A Guardian Structure and two Ancient Ruins can be found on body A 14 f, and Brain Trees can be found on body A 14 d a.
Col 173 Sector ME-P d6-92 May 10, 3304 - May 17, 3304 A Guardian Structure can be found on body B 5.
IC 2391 Sector YE-A d103 May 17, 3304 - May 24, 3304 Ancient Ruins can be found on body B 1.
Meene May 24, 3304 - May 31, 3304
Epsilon Indi May 31, 3304 - June 21, 3304
Jackson's Lighthouse June 21, 3304 - June 28, 3304
Alpha Centauri June 28, 3304 - July 5, 3304
LHS 3447 July 5, 3304 - July 12, 3304
Charick Drift July 12, 3304 - July 19, 3304 Generation Ship Atlas can be found orbiting Charick Drift A.
Hermitage July 19, 3304 - July 26, 3304
Bifrost July 26, 3304 - August 9, 3304
Merope August 9, 3304 - August 16, 3304 Five Barnacles can be found on body 2 A, and four can be found on body 5 C.
64 Orionis August 16, 3304 - August 23, 3304
HD 51502 August 23, 3304 - August 30, 3304
Outotz ST-I d9-4 August 30, 3304 - September 6, 3304
Cone Sector FN-J b9-0 September 6, 3304 - October 4, 3304 Cancellation: Scheduled jump to this system interrupted by Thargoid hyperdiction and subsequent attacks.
Outotz ST-I d9-6 September 6, 3304 - September 27, 3304 A Thargoid Surface Site and two Barnacles can be found on body 2 A.
Outotz EH-M d7-5 September 27, 3304 - October 4, 3304
Outopps BU-R d4-4 October 4, 3304 - October 11, 3304
Outopps JB-X d1-1 October 11, 3304 - October 18, 3304
Ploi Thua YD-E c26-1 October 18, 3304 - October 25, 3304
Hegeia SY-O c20-0 October 25, 3304 - November 1, 3304
Outorst WI-B d0 November 1, 3304 - November 8, 3304
Outorst CW-K c9-0 November 8, 3304 - November 15, 3304
Outorst OA-U c17-0 November 15, 3304 - November 22, 3304
NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y d12 November 22, 3304 - November 29, 3304
Plaa Eurk IR-W d1-14 November 29, 3304 - December 6, 3304
Elephant's Trunk Sector BQ-Y d14 December 6, 3304 - December 13, 3304
Plaa Eurk QZ-D b26-0 December 13, 3304 - December 20, 3304
Plaa Eurk JB-O d6-12 December 20, 3304 - December 27, 3304
Wredguia HO-Y c14-3 December 27, 3304 - January 3, 3305


System Duration of Stay Notes
Wredguia HO-Y c14-3 December 27, 3304 - January 3, 3305
Wredguia UE-V b30-1 January 3, 3305 - January 10, 3305
MEL 22 Sector TB-J b10-0 January 10, 3305 - January 17, 3305
HR 1185 January 17, 3305 - January 24, 3305
Varati January 24, 3305 - January 31, 3305
Alpha Centauri January 31, 3305 - February 7, 3305
Meene February 7, 3305 - February 14, 3305
IC 2391 Sector HG-X b1-8 February 14, 3305 - February 21, 3305
HIP 36823 February 21, 3305 - February 28, 3305
HIP 39890 February 28, 3305 - March 7, 3305
Synuefe LQ-T b50-1 March 7, 3305 - March 14, 3305
Synuefe SP-F b44-0 March 14, 3305 - March 21, 3305
Col 173 Sector OD-J b25-2 March 21, 3305 - March 28, 3305
Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63 March 28, 3305 - April 4, 3305
Synuefe VN-W b46-0 April 4, 3305 - April 11, 3305
Synuefe FE-S b46-0 April 11, 3305 - April 18, 3305
Flyooe Dryeia LH-L c24-0 April 18, 3305 - April 25, 3305
Flyooe Dryeia JJ-G d11-0 April 25, 3305 - May 2, 3305
HIP 4099 May 2, 3305 - May 9, 3305
Prooe Dryeia XP-X d1-0 May 9, 3305 - May 16, 3305
Prooe Dryeia SF-N d7-0 May 16, 3305 - May 23, 3305
Prooe Dryeia RQ-C d13-0 May 23, 3305 - May 30 3305
Screagi FP-Z d0 May 30, 3305 - June 6, 3305
IRAS 21565-3937 June 6, 3305 - June 13, 3305
Screagi BJ-B d0 June 13, 3305 - June 20, 3305
Nidgiae QJ-F d12-1 June 20, 3305 - June 27, 3305
Swoilz II-K d8-0 June 27, 3305 - July 4, 3305
Swoilz GX-T d3-2 July 4, 3305 - July 11, 3305
Swoilz UL-A c2-7 July 11, 3305 - July 18, 3305 Current location
Tonatiuh July 18, 3305 - July 25, 3305


  • The Gnosis has a maximum jump range of 551 LY. It jumps only on Thursdays at 07:00 hours UTC, during server downtime, provided it is scheduled to make a jump that week. Canonn submits a slate of new destinations to Frontier Developments for approval on a monthly basis.
  • The Gnosis is the first Megaship to be created by a Community Goal and owned by a player group.
  • Players who participated in the CG to build The Gnosis received an exclusive Canonn Ship Decal. Frontier intended to add the ability to earn the decal by becoming Allied with the Canonn faction in Varati, but was unable to include this feature in 2.4, and is examining alternative methods to allow players to acquire the decal.[15]
  • Following The Gnosis's failed jump to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0, Frontier Developments Community Manager Will Flanagan explained that the system had never been intended to be accessible and leaving it and other systems in the Cone Sector without a permit lock was an oversight. When Canonn requested taking The Gnosis to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0, rather than simply denying the request and applying a permit lock, the developers decided to make it into an event involving the players and the new Hydra Variant Thargoid Interceptors; approximately 11,000 players boarded The Gnosis for the resulting "Cone Sector expedition". Flanagan went on to say that the Cone Sector and other permit-locked regions had been set aside for future content, and for that reason The Gnosis would not be able to re-attempt the jump to Cone Sector FN-J b9-0.[16]




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