Third Party Tools are community created tools that expand beyond the game's functionality. Some of these tools may be out of date.

For a more in-depth list, see wolverine2710's post on the Frontier forums or the third-party site here Elite Dangerous Codex.

Crowd sourced databases or data exchange tools Edit

* These are used by some of the apps listed at the bottom.

EDDB (Elite Dangerous Database) Edit

  • creator : Paul Heisig aka themroc
  • "EDDB is a site about systems, stations, commodities and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous." (source : post from the creator on FD forums)
  • EDDB has a very nice web interface to edit star systems and stations data. Market data updates (commodity prices) are taken instantly from EDDN to allow single and multi-hop trade route searches.
  • EDDB bases it's system data on EDSM.
  • EDDB also takes data from maddavo's database once every night.
  • EDDB makes a dump of systems/stations data in a JSON file every 24 hours, which allows other apps to use that data.
  • nightly JSON dumps :
  • FD forums post :
  • IRC channel : #eddb on QuakeNet


  • creator : jamesremuscat <>
  • "The Elite: Dangerous Data Network is a system for willing Commanders to share dynamic data about the galaxy with others. By pooling data in a common format, tools and analyses can be produced that add an even greater depth and vibrancy to the in-game universe." (source : EDDN wiki)
  • EDDN is replacing EMDN (Elite Market Dump Network) by Andreas since FD changed their policy to disallow data scrapping in Elite Dangerous (see details in the FD forums post).
  • EDDN is used by a few apps and web sites to exchange commodity pricing information. It does not currently (2015-03-29) share data about systems and stations : landing pad sizes, distances, etc.
  • EliteOCR and RegulatedNoise can both push data easily on EDDN while respecting current FD's policies (2015-03-29).
  • FD forums post :

Slopey Edit

ED:RES Locator Edit

Tools (including web sites) Edit

Looking for Wing Edit The Elite: Dangerous CMDRs Lobby

  • Helps CMDRs play together in Elite: Dangerous
  • Look for Wing based on CMDR distance, Wing Type, Power, etc.
  • Chat channels for Wing and Powers and Direct messages betwen CMDRs.

More info here.

EliteTrader Edit

  • Android app to look up price data from EDDN.

Elite: Dangerous - Trading GuideEdit Website, Android & Windows 10 apps to find market data.

  • Trade route planner
  • Market & Blackmarket finder
  • Rare Commodities finder
  • Find markets buying or selling specific commodities nearby

EliteOCR Edit

  • Get market data (princing) from screenshots and allow easy uploading on EDDN.
  • other export options :
    • CSV :
    • BPC : used in Slopey's BPC app
    • .prices : used in the TradeDangerous app or uploading on Maddavo's site
  • FD forums post :

ED-Intelligent Boardcomputer Extension (ED-IBE) Edit

local high perfomance database with (optional) bidirectional connections to EDDB / EDDN / Companion-IO / EDSM support

Frontier forums post: forums post:

Project page :

  • Trading tool, powerful filtering options
  • Commander's Log, partially event driven, current balance from companion io
  • bidirectional connections to EDDN/EDDB
  • supports sending EDDN shipyard/outfitting/market data (if wanted)
  • internal companion interface
  • multilanguage support for commodities
  • own high perfomance database - no datasharing
  • im-/export of market data (CSV)
  • EDSM interface (


  • GalNet News
  • Commanders Event Log
  • Armada (List of any currently owned/no longer owned ships)
  • Federation and Empire Rank listings
  • Faction Lists

RegulatedNoise DJ-version Edit

no longer supported - successor is ED-IBE

Frontier forums post:

  • Get market data from screenshot / checking plausibility of scanned prices
  • Trading tool
  • Commander's Log
  • Viewing system and station data (using EDDB database)
  • connection to EDDN is optional (up- and download of market data)
  • other im-/export options :
    • CSV
    • EDDN

ED Star Coordinator Edit

  • "EDSC is an Elite:Dangerous community effort to collect Star Coordinates" (source : EDSC web site)
  • Used to determine system coordinates based on distances.

TradeDangerous Edit

EDDB Routes Planner Edit

Quazil's Astro Analytics Edit

E:D Shipyard Edit

  • Outfitting tool

Elite Systems Edit

  • Used to create, update, and browse solar system information

Slopey's Market Tool Edit

  • Trading Info

Elite Trading Tool Edit

  • Trade Calculator
  • Trade Search
  • Rares Info

Chango Dock Edit

  • Travel Planner (Unavailable..?)

Mc Dee Edit

  • Reference sheet generator supporting the following HOTAS:
    • CH Fighterstick, Combatstick and Pro Throttle
    • Saitek X-52, X-52 Pro and X-55
    • Thrustmaster HOTAS X, Warthog and T-16000M

E:D Black Market finder Edit

Elite HUD Manager Edit

  • HUD Colour Generator
  • HUD Preset Manager

Trade Computer Extension Mk.I & Mk.II Edit

Mk.I (Excel Version):

Mk.II (.net Version):

  • Multifunctional Trading Tool
  • Integrates into the HUD as an overlay
  • EDMC integration
  • EliteOCR integration

Interactive 3D Elite Universe (site seems to be offline) Edit

Current Features

  • All known systems represented in acurate scale in 3D (from eddb)
  • Selecting a system gives you all system data and shows all stations in the system
  • click on a station will pull up all data about the station including current market items and prices
  • login and registration
  • backend build system

Upcoming Features:

  • trade route search like many other sites
  • Highlighting trade routes within the universe for a visual representation of the route
  • See where your friends are located in real time ( I'll need to reverse engineer how trade dangerous used the official mobile API for this data and then write a client application that sends location data to my server)
  • First person controls in the universe
  • Filter systems based on many variables (population, faction etc)

Voice Attack Edit

  • Tool designed for using your microphone to control the functions of your ship
  • costs $10.00 USD (8.75% tax for Texas residents)
  • purchased on their website using paypal, or credit card
  • Also available on steam

Elite Dangerous Events Edit

  • Current Features
    • LFG tool for creating and viewing LFG posts - any user
    • Event creator where commanders can create events and others can become attendees - signed up users
    • Featured events on homepage for events with greatest attendee count
  • Under Active Development
    • All suggestions are welcome creator contact info on homepage

Elite:Dangerous Astrometrics Edit

  • Maps and charts of EDSM discovered star systems and bodies
  • Travel History Video Creator
  • Beginner Explorer's hints and tips