• Hi Clockpuncher

    I see that you deleted my recent contribution to Dorn's page, but did not state a reason for doing so in your editing.

    Can you please let me know what you found wrong, so that I can be a better contributor in the future?


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    • I thought it was a joke edit. If it was a sincere attempt to make a constructive addition to the article, then you misinterpreted the game's text rather dramatically.

      There's no evidence that Etienne Dorn engages in human trafficking as your edit asserted. All he's saying in his request is that Occupied Escape Pods are valuable salvage, which they are: they're marked as legal salvage and you get paid a fee for bringing them to Search & Rescue contacts at stations. Dorn's background description is also innocuous and identifies him as a retired shield engineer, not some sort of criminal slaver.

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    • Thanks for the response. It wasn’t a joke edit, though. In fact, Dorn’s intentions appear fairly explicit.

      He tells the player - specifically - that he is interested in salvage of the ‘human trafficking’ kind. Those are his words in-game, and I even provided a screen shot in my edit. If you do a quick Google search you’ll see that many players have pointed this out.

      Also remember that to unlock Dorn, the player first needs a good reputation with Liz Ryder. Ryder is an Empire engineer that requires the player to first ally with an Empire anarchist faction that buys unregulated slaves (and legalized murder, narcotics, etc.)

      Personally, I don’t see any other way to interpret all this. At the very least, FDev clearly wants it to be left to the player’s imagination. Otherwise they would have chosen different language.

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    • In the screenshot, Dorn says "human traffic", not "human trafficking". Those two terms aren't necessarily the same thing, and since Dorn's request for Occupied Escape Pods is made in the context of their value as salvage, it looks to me that he's just wanting to profit off the reward money for handing in unlucky travelers to the authorities without having to retrieve them himself.

      But regardless of which line of thinking is correct, the available info on Dorn and what he does with the pods is too vague to support the claims in your edit ("Dorn is a self-confessed perpetrator of human trafficking. After introduction, he will invite pilots to aid him in the crime in exchange for his services. Dorn's services come with a human price."). In order to add such statements to the article, we would need evidence that's less ambiguous than what we currently have.

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    • Greetings. I think that ‘human traffic’ and human traffic”king” are intended to be the same thing. There are no other definitions of human traffic that make sense in this context.

      That said, would you be satisfied with a less pointed wording? Something like:

      “Dorn has an expressed interest in human trafficking. He will also ask pilots for occupied escape pods as a condition of his engineering services.

      It is not clear what his intentions are for the escape pods.”


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    • "Human traffic" could plausibly be referring to human activity, starship movement, and the flotsam and jetsam generated by that. Dorn says, "There's a lot of salvage to be had out there, Commander. For me, the most valuable is human traffic." I see no implication of Dorn being involved in the human slave trade from that. All he's saying is that the most valuable salvage for his purposes (whatever those purposes may be) is escape pods. Nothing criminal about that by itself, and for all we know his focus on pods may even be driven by humanitarian motives in addition to profit-seeking.

      Yes, I could be wrong, but again, the bottom line is we just don't have enough info. We have no way of knowing what Dorn does with the pods, whether it's search & rescue or human trafficking or something else, and until we do we can't support or refute such conclusions in Dorn's article.

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    • We’ll have to agree to disagree, I guess.

      I maintain that your interpretation is quite a stretch and goes against the term’s common English usage. There’s lots of ways FDev could have written that sentence... putting the word “human” before “traffic” has a very specific connotation behind it in this context, as many other players have pointed out.

      But I won’t pursue it any further.

      Also for the record: I do appreciate everything you do for this wiki. It is in the top 1% of all gaming wikis out there. So thanks for that!

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    • Yes, I suppose we're set in our ways.

      I'll make one final point in my defense: searching for "human traffic" on Wikipedia takes you not to their article on human trafficking, but to a British film titled Human Traffic about a group of friends who go clubbing. The meaning of "human trafficking" is indisputable, but if "human traffic" was a commonly accepted synonym for that, then why would such a macabre term have been chosen unironically as the title for a film about partygoers? Also, in my humble opinion, Frontier doesn't have the best writers on the block; don't discount their capacity for mistakes.

      And thank you for your compliment. In turn, I appreciate you helping to keep this conversation amicable, that ability isn't the most common thing these days.

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