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    • While it's an excellent piece of work, I'm generally against displaying non-official art such as this in articles since it can lead to misconceptions about the game. There's no guarantee we'll get ship interiors added to Elite Dangerous in the future, or that they'll look anything like this image if we do get them. I hope you understand.

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    • The Sidewinder page already has 2 of my youtube videos linked in it's gallery - Elite Dangerous - Sidewinder full interior - walk inside my ship concept, and Elite Dangerous - Sidewinder Interiors Boxed Edition. This cutout graphics is simply continuation of this work. Therefore there seems to be some inconsistency in your argument.

      Perhaps you could make a new section on that page for player created content. This would prevent any possible confusion.

      Also if we do ever get acutal interiors, then the gallery can be updated. Until then - this is the best we have (afaik).

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    • The inconsistency was not intentional, and for that I apologize. The wiki is a big place and there's always a lot to do, sometimes things slip through the cracks. I was not aware those videos were present and have removed them, along with other such videos in other articles, for the reasons I stated in my previous comment.

      To be clear, the wiki's scope is strictly the game and related official topics. It's simply not an appropriate place to showcase fan creations. If you wish to have your art recognized, may I suggest the game's forums or social media.

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    • Fair enough.

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