• Why have you removed the page for the Imperial High Conncil, a body made up of Imperial Player Groups that represent thousands of commanders, when you have pages for groups such as Canonn Research?


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    • I was unable to verify that the player group Imperial High Council met the standards set out in wiki policy for player groups to be permitted an article here. The article had no sources, and I could find nothing substantive about the IHC on Google (like a website or even an Inara squadron profile, any kind of hub with info about the player group). The IHC is also not mentioned in any GalNet reports, and I could not identify an associated player minor faction.

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    • The Imperial High Council has existed since 3301. It is not featured in GalNet news articles because FDev does not cover in game events that are connected to Powerplay. As such, here are couple of stories from Sagitarius Eye…

      Some groups with deligates and/or repesentatives at the IHC are… 9th Legion, 10th Legion, 13th Legion, Lavigney's Legion, Aisling Wing Command, Aisling's Angels, Praetorian Curiate Assembly, amoungst others along with the imperial Powerplay Groups to coordinate policy. It doesn't have a website as groups and commanders are approved access to the IHC by the Powerplay groups. It's an important functionary body of the Elite Dangerous universe. 

      Hope that helps explain things.

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    • Without in-universe proof of the IHC's impact on the game as outlined in policy, I'm afraid it can't be given an article here. In addition, since it appears the IHC is not a player group itself but an alliance of multiple player groups, I'm not sure it even falls within the scope of permitted player content.

      However, we do have articles for Lavigny's Legion and The 9th Legion that have been vetted. If you want, there's no issue with devoting a section in those articles to their membership and role within the IHC. There is also a separate Elite Factions Wiki specifically for cataloging player minor factions and their histories, and an article about the IHC may be permitted there.

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    • Fair enough. However, you might wish to look at re-evaluating the rules to include outside sources such as Sagitarius Eye as FDev no longer allow community submited news articles to GalNet & intend the service now to focus on in game content such as new ships.


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