• If I read the changes right, you're the person that deleted them. I added them to make it easier for players to find the nearest location. Why did you delete them?

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    • Crystalline Shards are extremely common (there are likely billions in the game) and easy to find with the scanners added by 3.3. There's no point in cataloging them all, or even all of the sites in a single system, especially since they are procedurally generated using the same assets. A Yttrium site on a moon in one system near Sol isn't going to be substantially different from another Yttrium site on the other side of that same moon, or one near Beagle Point. Because of this, the list should provide only a broad sampling of sites across the galaxy.

      In that vein, and to reduce the cumbersome length of the list and allow other players the chance to submit their discoveries without them being buried, I removed all entries that exceeded a limit of four per player. You are free to add new entries, but since there are already four in the list under your name, older ones will be removed.

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    • Thanks for your reply. I didn't mean the locations column, but the Region they were found. It was easier for players to find locations near the region they are, e.g colonia. The wiki is a very useful source of info and it's the first site I visit when I'm looking for info.

      To reduce the amount of info is, in my personal opinion as a plain user, a bit short-sighted. It makes no difference if there are billion locations in the galaxy, when you don't know if there's one near you. It's faster to peruse the wiki than visiting near star systems. For example I spent 15 days visiting nearby stars, creating a "bubble" of visited systems to find the locations I did, and I gave up before finding one with Polonium.

      Please reconsider re-adding the Region column in the table.

      Thanks again.

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    • I can understand that. I'll re-add the Region column.

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    • I appreciate it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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