Tiana Fortune
Tiana Fortune
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire

Tiana Fortune is an electronic-engineering genius who is rumoured to be the illegitimate child of an Imperial Guard officer. Her own military career was cut short when the circumstances surrounding her birth were revealed, resulting in her expulsion from the guard. Many in her unit demonstrated their loyalty by joining her once they'd complete their service, attracted to the comfortable living Tiana is able to offer them.

— In-game description

Tiana Fortune is an engineer who specialises in scanners, Sensors, and utilities. You can use her skills to modify your ship's modules beyond their standard levels.

Her allegiance is to the Empire and her base is Fortune's Loss, located in the Achenar system.

She will only help Imperial citizens.

Access Requirements Edit

Tiana's Fortune Engineer Base

Tiana's Fortune Engineer Base

Before you can take advantage of Tiana Fortune's services, several requirements must first be met:

Discovery Edit

You will learn about Tiana Fortune after achieving grade 3 access or higher with Hera Tani.

Meeting Requirements Edit

Gain Friendly reputation with the Empire. You will eventually be invited to meet Tiana Fortune.

You will also need a permit to access Achenar, which is automatically issued at the Imperial Navy rank of Squire.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Provide 50 units of Decoded Emission Data to gain access to her services.

Reputation Gain Edit

Craft modules to increase your reputation with her (up to grade 5 access). Alternatively, sell commodities to Fortune's Loss.

Modifications Offered Edit

The following modifications to modules are available from this engineer:

Cargo Scanner (Grades 1-5) Edit

Collector Limpet Controller (Grades 1-5) Edit

Detailed Surface Scanner (Grades 1-3) Edit

Frame Shift Drive Interdictor (Grades 1-3) Edit

Frame Shift Wake Scanner (Grades 1-5) Edit

Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller (Grades 1-5) Edit

Hatch Breaker Limpet Controller (Grades 1-5) Edit

Kill Warrant Scanner (Grades 1-5) Edit

Prospector Limpet Controller (Grades 1-5) Edit

Sensors (Grades 1-5) Edit