Tiliala is an Independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. Access to Tiliala is restricted, and requires a permit that can only be obtained by becoming Allied with the Conservatives of Tiliala minor faction or The Black Fleet Player Minor Faction in any system where they have a presence.


On November 11, 3303, an independent organisation based out of the Varpet system called The Black Fleet ousted the Conservatives of Tiliala from power in the Tiliala system. This was a significant development because entry to Tiliala required a permit, the distribution of which had been controlled solely by the Conservatives of Tiliala up to that point. The Black Fleet's victory forced the Conservatives of Tiliala to share the permit distribution rights. With their presence in Tiliala dramatically reduced, the Conservatives of Tiliala relocated to the Wells-class Carrier Tiliala's Lament in the Akandinigua system, and made arrangements with various corporate and political partners to ensure that the new Megaship remained permanently in their control.[1]

The Black Fleet's dominance did not last for long, however. Its influence in Tiliala rapidly declined in June 3304 as other minor factions suddenly flourished, and it was subsequently ejected from the system entirely in late July 3304.

System Layout

  • Tiliala
    • Tiliala 1
    • Tiliala 2
    • Valhalla
      • Goldstein High (Orbis)
      • Saitoro
      • Democracy
        • Brennan Relay (Coriolis)
    • Tiliala 4
      • Tiliala 4 A
      • Tiliala 4 B
      • Tiliala 4 C
      • Tiliala 4 D
      • Tiliala 4 E
      • Tiliala 4 F
      • Tiliala 4 G
      • Tiliala 4 H
    • Tiliala 5
      • Tiliala 5 A
      • Tiliala 5 B
      • Tiliala 5 C
      • Tiliala 5 D
      • Tiliala 5 E
      • Tiliala 5 F
      • Tiliala 5 G
      • Tiliala 5 H

Minor Factions

  • Conservatives of Tiliala (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Pirates of Tiliala (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Social Tiliala Resistance (Democracy, Federation)
  • Tiliala Dominion (Dictatorship, Empire)
  • Tiliala Jet Life Incorporated (Corporate, Independent)


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