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This world is very notable for its inhabitants' innate shyness.

— In-Game Description

Tionisla is an Alliance system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It is one of the Old Worlds. It is famed for the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard, a sprawling space-based collection of derelict ships, elaborate memorials, and other grave markers for Elite-ranked pilots.


In early August 3302, an antique Cobra MkIII was interred at the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard. Shortly before the ship was laid to rest, a beacon aboard the vessel transmitted a repeating sequence of curious characters. The sequence was picked up by several relay posts in the Tionisla system, and it has now been determined that it contains content obscured with an unknown encryption. The encrypted data is followed by an apparently meaningless clear-text phrase: "The vain queen rides a giraffe that remembers her daughter's hero."[1]

Unknown to all but a few, the Cobra, named Cor Meum Et Animam, belonged to a woman named Rebecca, a former associate of The Club who had turned against them and was working to expose Project Dynasty. CMDR Salomé rendezvoused with Rebecca at the Graveyard to hand over exploration data that Rebecca had requested two years earlier. Before Rebecca could explain the purpose of the mission she had given Salomé, they were found by a Federal black ops unit working for The Club. Rebecca was executed, but Salomé escaped with Rebecca's files. The Cor Meum Et Animam was left adrift in the Graveyard and automatically activated the encrypted transmission.[2]

Councillor Nakato Kaine, Tionisla's representative in the Alliance Assembly, emerged as the forerunner among Edmund Mahon's challengers in the 3307 election for Alliance Prime Minister.[3] Kaine had stood in the Assembly for nearly a decade, and enjoyed strong support among the Old Worlds and a sizeable faction of her fellow Assembly members.[4]

System Layout

  • Tionisla (Class K star)
    • Tionisla A Belt
    • New Caledonia (Earth-like World)
    • Tionisla 2
      • Tionisla 2 A
        • Ing Ring (Orbis Starport)
        • Russ Prospect (Settlement)
    • Tionisla 3
      • Coulter City (Orbis Starport)
    • Tionisla 4
    • Tionisla 5
      • Tionisla 5 a
      • Tionisla 5 b
    • Tionisla 6
      • Tionisla 6 a
      • Tionisla 6 b
      • Tionisla 6 c
      • Tionisla 6 d
      • Tionisla 6 e
      • Tionisla 6 f
        • Tionisla 6 f a
      • Tionisla 6 g
    • Tionisla 7
    • Tionisla 8
      • Tionisla 8 a
      • Tionisla 8 b
      • Tionisla 8 c
        • Kaleri Enterprise (Settlement)
        • Kingsmill Camp (Surface Port)
        • Tionisla 8 c a
      • Tionisla 8 d
        • Coulter's Folly (Settlement)
        • Killough Horizons (Settlement)
        • Rose Penal Colony (Surface Port)
    • Tionisla 9
      • Tionisla 9 a
      • Tionisla 9 b
      • Tionisla 9 c
      • Tionisla 9 d

Minor Factions

  • Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps (Cooperative, Alliance)
  • Lave Fortune Organisation (Corporate, Alliance)
  • New Tionisla Defence Party (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Social Tionisla Labour (Democracy, Independent)
  • Tionisla Corp. (Corporate, Independent)
  • Tionisla Corporation (Corporate, Federation)
  • Tionisla Defence Force (Dictatorship, Independent)