Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn
Tod McQuinn
AllegianceAlliance vector Alliance

Tod Mcquinn earned his nickname from a successful season in the CQC Arena. Since then he's garnered further fame as a bounty hunter, flying a fer-de-lance with seriously overpowered multi-cannons. He's always happy to help fellow bounty hunters. For his current venture he's teamed up with some of his old CQC friends to form a a custom modification enterprise. Develop your relationship with him to learn about another Engineer.

— In-game description

Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn is an engineer who specialises in kinetic weapons. You can use his skills to modify your ship's modules beyond their standard levels. His allegiance is to the Alliance. He will only help bounty hunters.

Engineer Base Edit


Trophy Camp

Mcquinn's base is Trophy Camp, located in the Wolf 397 system.

Access Requirements Edit

Before you can take advantage of Tod McQuinn's services, several requirements must first be met:

Discovery Edit

There are no special requirements to learning about Tod McQuinn - his whereabouts are common knowledge.

Meeting Requirements Edit

Earn more than 15 bounty vouchers.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Provide 100,000 credits worth of bounty vouchers.

Reputation Gain Edit

Craft modules to increase your reputation with him (up to grade 5 access). Alternatively, hand in Alliance bounty vouchers to Trophy Camp.

Modifications Offered Edit

Tod McQuinn offers the following modifications to modules:

Cannons (Grades 1-2) Edit

Fragment Cannons (Grades 1-3) Edit

Multi-cannons (Grades 1-5) Edit

Rail Guns (Grades 1-5) Edit

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