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Tourist Beacons are devices found at hundreds of points of interest across the galaxy. When targeting a Tourist Beacon and approaching it closely enough, it will be scanned and a brief text description of the local site will be downloaded to the message inbox of the Comms panel and archived in the Codex. Tourist Beacons can be found in space and on the surface of planets or moons.

Some passenger missions involve ferrying a group of passengers to a specific Tourist Beacon and scanning it in order to complete the objective.

List of Tourist Beacons


No. Name System Type
0001 Ringed Garden World 19 Phi-2 Ceti Orbital
0002 Feast of Stars 2MASS J02351897+6131236 Orbital
0003 Crowd of Stars 64 Piscium Orbital
0004 Celestial Treasure 69 Upsilon Tauri Orbital
0005 The Empire Achenar Orbital
0006 Stars in a Line Aisaills RP-N d7-231 Orbital
0007 The Alliance Alioth Orbital
0008 Ringed Binaries Apam Napat Orbital
0009 Ammonia Rings Aucoks OH-D b18-3 Orbital
0010 Waterside View BD+22 3878 Orbital
0012 Lava World Betelgeuse Orbital
0013 Twin Binaries View Blaa Hypai KN-S e4-92 Orbital
0014 Neutron Earth-Like Blae Eaec PM-W e1-205 Orbital
0015 Nebula's Heart CD-26 1339 Orbital
0016 Celestial Gem CD-39 6137 Orbital
0017 Grand Rings Cheae Euq ER-L c21-0 Surface
0018 Beautiful Rings Choomuia UI-K d8-4692 Orbital
0019 Rare Waterworld Col 285 Sector JM-A b15-7 Orbital
0020 Zen Crater Col 285 Sector NE-G c11-32 Surface
0021 Hot Jupiter Col 285 Sector RF-C b14-7 Orbital
0027 Red And Green Glory Eembaisk DG-O e6-2972 Surface
0036 Strong G HD 148937 Surface
0039 Jewelled Rings Hecate Orbital
0042 Binary Planet Rings HIP 38064 Surface
0048 The View HR 6164 Surface
0055 Rare World LTT 18046 Orbital
0061 Maia Black Hole Maia Orbital
0070 Distant Worlds Expedition 3302 Pallaeni Orbital
0073 Epic Mountain Range Pomeche Surface
0082 The Centre Sagittarius A* Orbital
0087 Cradle of Humanity Sol Orbital
0113 Alliance Assembly Alioth Orbital
0114 Alliance Defence Force Alioth Orbital
0115 Alioth History Alioth Orbital
0116 Alliance Council Members Alioth Orbital
0117 Everichon Hijack Alioth Orbital
0118 Tom Quaterson Death Alioth Orbital
0119 Caker Coup Alioth Orbital
0120 Riley Dain Murder Alioth Orbital
0121 Mic Turner History Alioth Orbital
0129 War with the Federation Achenar Orbital
0131 Hall of Martyrs Achenar Orbital
0132 Lanner's Privateers Ackwada Orbital
0133 Lanner's Victory Ackwada Orbital
0135 Battlegroup's Disappearance Alioth Orbital
0143 Gaylen's Ascension Quince Orbital
0151 Hengist's Ascension Achenar Surface
0156 Sorbago Slave Rebellion Sorbago Orbital
0157 Durius Defaults Durius Orbital
0158 Volungu Blight Furbaide Orbital
0159 The Line of the Duvals Achenar Orbital
0160 Imperial Palace Achenar Orbital
0161 Federal Congress Sol Orbital
0162 Federal Constitution Sol Orbital
0163 Church of Kum-Byar Arexack Orbital
0164 Revised Catholic Mission Aymiay Orbital
0165 Ancient History Sol Orbital
0166 Early Hyperspace Tau Ceti Orbital
0167 First Interstellar Colony Tau Ceti Orbital
0168 Early Colonies Delta Pavonis Orbital
0169 Ecological Loss Tau Ceti Orbital
0170 Accidental Extinction Delta Pavonis Orbital
0171 New Leadership Sol Orbital
0172 New Agreements Altair Orbital
0173 Alien Transgressions Tau Ceti Orbital
0174 Federal Accord Tau Ceti Orbital
0175 Nonhuman Relic Sol Orbital
0176 Second Terraforming Attempt Sol Orbital
0177 Logistical Nightmare Beta Hydri Orbital
0178 Relocation Sol Orbital
0180 Congressional Streamlining Sol Orbital
0181 The Birthright Wars Sol Orbital
0182 Argent's Departure Ayethi Orbital
0183 Birthright Final Act Anlave Orbital
0184 First Thargoid Contact Lave Orbital
0185 The Gellan Administration Ackwada Orbital
0186 Gellan Scandal Sol Orbital
0187 Ships Lost in Space Zelada Orbital
0188 The Black Prince Zelada Orbital
0189 Gellan's Humiliation Ackwada Orbital
0190 Peacekeeping Failure Phekda Orbital
0191 Maurice Grant's Death Ross 128 Orbital
0192 Grant Keller's Election Ackwada Orbital
0193 Tyrell Biggs' Election Sol Orbital
0194 'Proxmire' Cemiess Orbital
0195 O'Brien's War Cemiess Orbital
0196 The Coming of Kum Byar Arexack Orbital
0197 Onionhead Banned Kappa Fornacis Orbital
0198 Cerberus Plague BD-02 4304 Orbital
0199 Professor Palin Nganji Orbital
0200 Obsidian Orbital Constructed Maia Orbital


No. Name System Type
0201 Notable Presidents Sol Orbital
0204 The Dog Star Sirius Orbital
0207 Sirius Industrial Luyten's Star Orbital
0208 Sirius Atmospherics Sothis Orbital
0210 Worldcraft History Epsilon Eridani Orbital
0213 Worldcraft Theme Park Epsilon Eridani Orbital
0214 Rockforth Corporation Founding Ackwada Orbital
0215 The Dien W'rit Estate Ackwada Orbital
0216 Ackwada Discovery Ackwada Orbital
0231 FCI Information Sol Orbital
0232 FIA Responsibilities Sol Orbital
0240 History of Waterloo Riedquat Orbital
0241 Chaos in Reidquat Riedquat Orbital
0242 Leesti's History Leesti Orbital
0244 Pilots Federation Origins Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0245 The Elite Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0246 The Elite Federation of Pilots Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0247 Pilots Federation Secrecy Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0248 Pilots Federation Interests Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0249 Pilots Federation's Near Monopoly Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0250 Pilots Federation's Influence Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0251 Pilots Federation's Secrecy Shinrarta Dezhra Orbital
0255 Impressive Rings Alnitak Orbital
0261 Stunning Waterworld 17 Beta Piscis Austrini Orbital
0267 49 Serpentis Visitor Beacon 49 Serpentis Orbital
0269 Agastani Visitor Beacon Agastani Orbital
0279 Balaa Visitor Beacon Balaa Orbital
0297 CD-33 8748 Visitor Beacon CD-33 8748 Orbital
0303 Ch'eng Visitor Beacon Ch'eng Orbital
0316 Jaques Visitor Beacon Colonia Orbital
0322 G 69-11 Visitor Beacon G 69-11 Orbital
0326 Gliese 105.2 Visitor Beacon Gliese 105.2 Orbital
0333 Gui Xian Visitor Beacon Gui Xian Orbital
0345 HIP 11263 Visitor Beacon HIP 11263 Orbital
0355 HIP 35803 Visitor Beacon HIP 35803 Orbital
0361 HIP 5623 Visitor Beacon HIP 5623 Orbital
0362 HIP 6978 Visitor Beacon HIP 6978 Orbital
0367 Hofada Visitor Beacon Hofada Orbital
0370 HR 5529 Visitor Beacon HR 5529 Orbital
0373 HR 7925 Visitor Beacon HR 7925 Orbital
0379 Irandan Visitor Beacon Irandan Orbital
0400 LHS 2405 Visitor Beacon LHS 2405 Orbital


No. Name System Type
0401 LHS 278 Visitor Beacon LHS 278 Orbital
0403 LHS 3167 Visitor Beacon LHS 3167 Orbital
0413 LP 542-33 Visitor Beacon LP 542-32 Orbital
0423 Mayang Visitor Beacon Mayang Orbital
0454 Procyon Visitor Beacon Procyon Orbital
0463 Shanhauls Visitor Beacon Shanhauls Orbital
0476 Tphen Slata Visitor Beacon Tphen Slata Orbital
0477 Tsu Visitor Beacon Tsu Orbital
0483 Vamm Visitor Beacon Vamm Orbital
0486 Vish Visitor Beacon Vish Orbital
0488 Vistaenis Visitor Beacon Vistaenis Orbital
0495 Xbalamana Visitor Beacon Xbalamana Orbital
0496 Xuanebuth Visitor Beacon Xuanebuth Orbital
0497 Yaque Visitor Beacon Yaque Orbital
0503 Battle of Chione Prism Orbital
0506 Rohini Rohini Orbital
0508 Secret Base Soontill Surface
0512 Voyager Sol Orbital
0519 Storm Cloud Firdaus Orbital
0522 The Evil Eye Eorgh Prou BA-A g1432 Orbital
0523 Triple Black TrA X-1 Orbital
0529 Cupid's Arrow S171 34 Orbital
0537 For The Mug! Alpha Centauri Orbital
0570 Actaea Ice Fumarole Sol Surface
0571 Europa Ice Geyser Sol Surface
0600 LTT 13904 B 1 A Rock Fumarole LTT 13904 Surface


No. Name System Type
0601 Tphen Slata C 8 A Ice Geysers Tphen Slata Surface
0603 LTT 4599 6 A Ice Geysers LTT 4599 Surface
0611 Nortes 2 D Lava Spouts Nortes Surface
0620 All for Germanium VonRichtofen's Rescue Orbital
0633 Crashed Vessel Discovered HIP 17403 Surface
0635 Ancient Ruins Synuefe XR-H d11-102 Surface
0641 Misty Moat of Mrogg Adenets Orbital
0646 Canonn Crater Pleiades Sectir JC-U b3-2 Surface
0649 Leesti is Free Leesti Orbital
0666 The Colonia Expansion Colonia Orbital
0670 Patreus's Flagship Attacked Eotienses Orbital
0672 Kahina Loren Found Guilty Prism Orbital
0674 Kahina Loren Stripped of Her Rank Prism Orbital
0679 Halsey Shares Her Vision Sol Orbital
0683 Boosting the Federal Fleet Gooheimar
0686 Repairs Concluded Colonia Orbital
0693 The Crab Nebula Expedition Epsilon Indi Orbital
0709 The Great Annihilator Great Annihilator Orbital
0711 The Devil's Dancefloor Eeshorks BA-A g2179 Orbital
0712 Memorial to Zy, Zylo, Zylophone Beagle Point Orbital
0713 Isaiah's Hope GCRV 4981 Orbital
0714 Transmission from Elysium ES Cancri Orbital
0715 Interplanetary Road Trip Sol Orbital


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