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Trumbles in Elite on the Commodore 64, 1985

Trumbles are small, round, rapidly breeding creatures. If too many breed within a ship, they can be culled by overheating the ship near a star.[1]

Lady Kahina Tijani Loren's only weakness seemed to be her fondness for trumbles.[2]

Trumbles are not currently present in Elite Dangerous. They were a feature of the Commodore 64 port of Elite.[1]

Happy Haulers delivers Hog Roast that may include Trumbles.

Trumble Mission

The C-64 version, uniquely I believe, had the ‘Trumble’ mission too. Basically you’d be offered an exotic pet when you reached 6553.5 credits. This pet would sit in your cargo hold and then consume anything edible, eventually infesting your forward screen. The only way to get rid of them was to fly close to the sun and kill them off through excessive heat. They were clearly a nod to StarTrek’s Tribbles, but they were reputedly named after Donald and Douglas Trumbull, father and son pioneer team of many motion picture special effects.[3]


  • Trumbles have some similarities to, and were likely inspired by, tribbles from the Star Trek franchise, which pre-date them by 17 years