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Tubus Compagibus

Highly specialised organisms that can grow to extreme heights, which peak when in a mature state. The organism's height and ability to survive is largely constrained by gravity. The lack of any real atmospheric weather has not put evolutionary pressure on the towers to be strong, so they form tall but thin structures which cannot be supported in high-gravity environments. The tower is formed from wrapped leaf-like structures, which create a regulated chimney void. This is used by the organism to create and maintain an artificial internal atmosphere, where discrete chemical processes can be undertaken along the length of the tower. Waste gases and other material may be released from the top of the tower. Some species feature external rings that can be used to gauge an organism's age.

— In-Game Description

Tubus are a species of alien organism found on planets and moons with thin atmospheres across the galaxy. They can be sampled with the Genetic Sampler and scanned with the Short Range Composition Scanner.


There are five known types of Tubus:

  • Tubus Cavas
  • Tubus Compagibus
  • Tubus Conifer
  • Tubus Rosarium
  • Tubus Sororibus


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Yaimoea GP-S c19-0 2 E -32.5532, 108.9392 Cavas CMDR Methan Disery
Aucoks RO-X d2-79 4 F Compagibus CMDR Llorensan
Iowropp YM-Q d6-1 A 6 A -71.7513, -39.5083 Conifer CMDR Methan Disery
LBN 623 Sector BQ-Y d42 7 9.6279, -49.0002 Sororibus - Indigo CMDR Flury