Umbrella Mollusc

These organisms, so called because of their resemblance to umbrellas, are protected by husks that shield them from radiation.

— In-Game Description

Umbrella Molluscs are non-sapient, spacefaring creatures that resemble Earth-like molluscs. Their size is similar to a Krait Phantom. They were discovered in Lagrange Clouds.[1]

Research Limpets can extract either Mollusc Spores, Mollusc Membranes or Mollusc Mycelium from Umbrella Molluscs.[2]

Types Edit

There are three types of Umbrella Molluscs:

  • Lindigoticum Umbrella Mollusc
  • Luteolum Umbrella Mollusc
  • Viride Umbrella Mollusc

Locations Edit

Umbrella Molluscs have been found at the following locations.

System Type Reported By
Eol Prou PX-T d3-1645 Lindigoticum CMDR NRK
Asura Luteolum CMDR Meadows the Cat
Colonia Viride CMDR Sotysnake_CZ
Aurora Astrum Luteolum CMDR Compander

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