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The United States of the Americas (USA), later known as the Federation of the United States and then simply The Federation, was a country on Earth that arose following the conclusion of World War III in 2055. Directly descended from the pre-war United States of America, it shared the same constitution, and Washington, D.C. served as its capital city.[1] In the decades following the war, the United States of the Americas welcomed more and more countries into the fold to provide mutual financial and medical support, eventually evolving into Earth's global unified government. In 2242, it formally transitioned into the modern interstellar superpower known as the Federation with the ratification of an updated constitution, the Federal Accord.[2]



By the 2030s, major resource problems forced humanity to look to the stars for a way to relieve population pressures on Earth. Commercial organisations planned missions to build the first colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as explore the rest of Sol for possible safe havens as political tensions on Earth rose to a boil.[2] The onset of World War III in 2044 ground these efforts to an immediate halt. The conflict saw multiple nuclear exchanges occur between various countries. One of the standard weapons of the conflict was an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tipped with a thermonuclear warhead with an explosive yield of 45 megatons. The United States of America was able to avoid suffering any nuclear detonations on its soil thanks to its defensive laser grid, which combined ground turrets with armed satellites to disable inbound enemy missiles before they reached their targets.[3]

When the war finally ended in 2055, after over one billion people and many countries had perished, the United States was victorious and the only major country left mostly unscathed.[2] It quickly expanded into the United States of the Americas, a multi-continental hyperpower that dominated Earth. As surviving countries voluntarily joined the union for mutual financial and medical aid over the following decades, the United States of the Americas renamed itself the "Federation of the United States", which was shortened to just "The Federation" when Earth's last independent countries merged with it.[4] The Federation consolidated all political power on Earth as the world government and adopted a constitution derived from the constitutions of earlier countries, especially the United States Constitution, but significantly simplified.[5]

First steps into the stars

The 22nd century saw the dramatic rise of corporate power as corporations stepped in to rebuild human civilisation. This was followed by the discovery of the first extraterrestrial fossils on Mars, the launching of thousands of Generation Ships over several decades, and an explosive wave of exploration triggered by the invention of the first hyperdrive by Li Qin Jao's team of engineers. Hyperdrives were originally applied to unmanned interstellar probes, but were soon installed on manned spacecraft which overtook most of the Generation Ships. Despite the huge dangers involved, a massive interstellar land-grab followed, fueled by the voracious corporations.[6][7][8]

The Federation of Star Systems

In 2242, the last vestiges of the former United States of America were set aside with the ratification of the Federal Accord, a revised constitution which outlined certain rights and responsibilities for Federation members and their citizens. This development emerged from a brief war between Earth and Taylor Colony in Tau Ceti that started in 2240, when the latter began recklessly damaging its native ecology in defiance of Federal environmental policies that Delta Pavonis and Altair had voluntarily accepted. The war stalemated, forcing both sides to reluctantly resume diplomacy, which resulted in a negotiated settlement and the Federal Accord's creation.[9] The new constitution was adopted by Sol, Tau Ceti, Delta Pavonis, Altair, and Beta Hydri, humanity's first five colonies, and the Federation transformed from a global government into the first interstellar superpower, the "Federation of Star Systems". The Federation instilled some order within human space, which until that point had been an unruly free-for-all.[6]



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