With the advent of the frame shift drive there has never been a better time to join the hallowed ranks of the great space explorers. As well as the wonder of vistas unseen by human eyes, there is money to be made collecting data for the mega-corporation Universal Cartographics.

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Universal Cartographics is a Mega Corporation focused on mapping the universe.[1] Due to limitations of the Frame Shift Drive, its efforts are currently constrained to the Milky Way Galaxy. Cynthia Sideris is the Chair of Universal Cartographics.[2] The Galaxy Map, System Map, and Planetary Map use Universal Cartographics data. Exploration data on systems that contain a full-size orbital Starport is freely available to everyone, while for other systems you might have to pay Universal Cartographics a small amount of credits for the data or explore it yourself.

Explorers can collect exploration data with Discovery Scanners and Detailed Surface Scanners and sell it to Universal Cartographics via the starport services interface.


09 DEC 3302

  • Commander MissingSea of the Deep Recon X exploration team has completed an extensive survey of the Eol Prou GG-X d1 sub-sector, located between 260 and 370 light years from Colonia.

01 APR 3302

  • Access to Naraka Temporarily Restricted. There are two systems that bear the name 'Naraka'. This quirk of circumstance has long been a source of confusion for independent pilots, but Universal Cartographics has deigned to address the issue by renaming the former of the two systems.[3]

12 NOV 3301

  • As the final phase of the construction of the starport for the Pleiades Nebula, the UC-supported group asked for Computer Components to be delivered to Neville Horizons.[4]

22 OCT 3301

  • With support from Universal Cartographics and Brewer Corporation, a development group founded by the Explorer's Association had been planning to build an Ocellus starport which would be stationed in the Pleiades Nebula. They asked for metals to be delivered to Neville Horizons in the Kaushpoos system to build the starport superstructure.[5]

12 OCT 3301

  • Universal Cartographics released a statement blaming Emperor's Dawn for the recent scanner firmware bug that had caused some explorers to lose their data.

Commanders started noting discrepancies between the exploration records stored in their ship systems and their own personal records. When we investigated, we found that one of our contractors has purposely altered a recent firmware update that was applied to all discovery and surface scanners. We also found that the contractor had a connection to Emperor's Dawn. An arrest warrant has been issued, and our staff worked through the weekend to recover the encrypted data and replace the compromised firmware.

— Spokesperson for Universal Cartographics[6]

04 OCT 3301

  • On the 5th of January 3301, an explorer by the name of Commander Kommodore set off to visit Sagittarius A* in his Eagle-class starship – the first known attempt to reach the core in such a vessel. During his ten-month mission, believed to be one of the longest on record, the explorer catalogued information on almost 3,900 star systems, and was awarded a staggering 123 million credits from Universal Cartographics for the data he amassed.[7]

27 MAR 3301

  • Swift Arrow is claiming to be the first explorer to fully map out the entire NGC 3199 Sector, and the 2nd explorer to visit the nebula (the 1st was Commander Celmascant). According to the data turned in to Universal Cartographics, all but 5 of the 750 systems in the NGC 3199 Sector have been fully scanned for the first time by Swift Arrow.[8]

05 MAR 3301

  • The first Deep Space Exploration Platform, Unity Starport, had its official opening in New Yembo.[9]

10 FEB 3301

  • Universal Cartographics announced that the first of their new fleet of UC controlled Explorer Stations would go to the HIP 101110 system. They offered some incentives for metal to be delivered to Naddoddur Terminal in Yembo to help build the station.

Hopefully this will be the first step in putting a more robust support system in place for all the brave men and women who risk their lives out there in the black. It won’t be easy establishing a station so far away, but we believe the rewards far outweigh any obstacles that might crop up along the way.

— Samuel Covington, committee leader[10]

07 FEB 3301

  • Universal Cartographics announced their intention to launch a new station. The candidate systems, submitted by Members of Universal Cartographics and the Explorers’ Association, were HIP 101110, SYNUEFE FR-T B36-3, Maia, HIP 117585, and HIP 27215. They asked for more exploration data, to help them reach a decision.[11]

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