Unregistered Comms Beacon

An Unregistered Comms Beacon

An Unregistered Comms Beacon is an automated communications satellite that transmits audio messages at regular intervals. Its messages are usually encoded and require pilots to decipher the message in order to understand its contents.

Receiving Broadcasts

An Unregistered Comms Beacon will show up as a location in the Nav Panel when it is 1000 ls or less away. It can be selected as a destination in supercruise like any Signal Source. After dropping out of supercruise, the beacon must be approached to within 500 meters and then targeted in order to receive its message. The majority of beacons only broadcast every hour on the hour, but some will broadcast at different intervals, such as 15 minutes past the hour, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. Beacons cannot be scanned or otherwise interacted with.

Message Format

Unregistered Comms Beacons broadcast an audio message that will be heard by anyone within 500m range of the beacon. The message usually takes the form of a series of letters which spell out a message. Alternatively, the beacon may broadcast a series of characters that the player must decipher into a legible message.

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