So there is this pretty cool game called Elite Dangerous which is a space sim. Not like EVE Online or Freelancer just for clarification this is more like Microsoft Flight Sim in Space with guns.


HOWEVER it is rather entrancing. In a strange way.

If you are just beginning to play then go check out this artical, and watch this video:

How To Play Elite Dangerous (2017)-0

How To Play Elite Dangerous (2017)-0


So I have taken the time to create a little list of things I will update now and then with either things that need to be fixed or things I think should be added.


  1. Make it so that the ships acceleration automatically is set to zero when we initiate a hyperspace jump
  2. When mission stacking planetary missions, please decide on whether all the locations for scanning will be in one place or will only spawn once we leave the already scanned base to let the 'other' missions base spawn.
  3. When applying different weapons to the ship do not play the long animation for removing the gun and then adding the new one (or give us an option to turn it off because it breaks flow)
  4. Your scrollbars are very difficult to click on. You should have implemented the ability to scroll a menu by clicking and dragging anywhere inside the menu frame, its a far better way of control.
  5. Player trading is non-existent which makes for a poor multiplayer experience.
  6. The surface of planets are very bland and samey. Which means that it is boring and not worth the money you want people to pay for it. Spice it up with random encounters and more objects than just rocks.
  7. I can't stress this enough but your ship 'preview' when buying a ship is totally useless and actually needs to tell you what the fittings of the ship is and what it can be as well as a fitting previewer would not go amiss.

Nice to haves:

  1. being able to walk around inside space stations and shoot other commanders in the face
  2. being able to space walk outside my ship and do repairs and upgrades
  3. being able to build stations/bases/houses anything of that sort inside the game would make having a home in the stars feel like having a home
  4. being able to undock using the docking computer (hey it can dock but not undock automatically? I know you have the code since the AI use it so just give it up)
  5. The ability to command a fleet or small squad of NPC ships either hired or bought and trained.
  6. The ability to board vessels in space and be a REAL space pirate!
  7. The need to be able to manufacture modules/ships/materials and so forth. (think EVE Online) Since this would mean we would be able to influence the economy as a multiplayer universe.
  8. Give us the ability to start corps/guilds whatever you want to call them. They are a critical part of multiplayer.

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