Despite backing ED in the Kickstarter in 2013/14, I've always struggled to be able to able to afford the kit to run the game on. My so-called gaming laptop when the Alpha released, only managed a frame rate of between 10-20 fps in Supercruise, and dropped under 10 fps when docking.

After that laptop died, I bought my son's 2012 iMac, which was better, but was below minimum specs even for the Mac version. I managed to play the game at more acceptable speeds at a reduced resolution for a few months. I stopped though as it was frustrating running a game capable of being run in HD or even UHD, in a lot lower resolution, especially as that Mac had a desktop 2k resolution .

All this changed when my wife got me a PC for Christmas. It's one that plays ED very well in Ultra, due to it sporting a shiny new NVIDIA GTX1050TI gpu. Due to ongoing financial struggles, the PC is a refurbished model, and cost under 500 pounds, but it's the best PC I've ever had!

In the eleven days since Christmas Day I have finally been able to play ED to my hearts content. I even managed to get my old Asp Explorer out to the California Nebula to do the Community Goal that ended yesterday. I managed to finish in the top 50% of the combat bonds goal, making over 9 million credits. I plan to invest this and other savings from my iMac days, into a shiny new Dolphin....