• PSR1974

    Commander Taygeta

    Ship: Diamondback Explorer ''''(MIL-24), Mihka V

    January, 3304

    My third exploration mission started near Lave, headed above galactic plane to Spica, then proceeded eastwards, while planning my course. So far in my journey, I have found several POI's on the surface on planets, and rescued some escape pods.

    As my next mission objective, I chose the Vela Pulsar, which is around a 1000 ly away from my position above the galactic plane. That course would take me way below the plane (towards NGQ4), but seeing my first pulsar should be worth it. So I scooped some fuel for the long journey, and proceeded with my jump.

    The trip went pretty easily, but closer I got to my destination, less there were scoopable stars, most being brown dwa…

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