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Utopia, also called the Utopia commune, is an international social movement that advocates advancing human development through technology in order to lead the galaxy to a better tomorrow. It has become a living network of technological communes with 91.8 billion members and growing, and its members value freedom of information and a willingness to share knowledge and ideas. Utopian leader Pranav Antal preaches that people should be driven by righteous desires rather than base ones. Within five years of Utopia's founding, hundreds of thousands of scientists, programmers and engineers joined the Utopian lifestyle to create a wealth of new technology that could revolutionize the galaxy when mass production is achieved. Their workshops require vast amounts of materials.[1]

The original Utopian Commune was led by Simguru Rishi Antal, the master of transcendental technology. His son Simguru Pranav Antal succeeded him.[2] Many people are attracted to the experimental tech, high standards of living and ideals for a better society. There are reports that people who question or disagree with Antal's wisdom get kidnapped and imprisoned, but Simguru Antal rejects the accusations.[1]

In the Utopian compound in the Antal system, people can see futuristic technology that is years ahead. Utopian engineers made it freely available for study, regardless of the factional leanings of those who wished to explore their mysteries.[3]


Simguru Pranav Antal

Simguru Antal told GalNet “We live in an imperfect world, one constructed from the chaos that is this universe’s random nature.” [2]

"The struggle of men and women to impose order through innovation and understanding is the key to humanity’s ultimate happiness. The advancement of our species towards that inevitable point of peace and prosperity is not only my love, my passion, it is my very reason for being. It is the reason that all of us are here. To make our dreams, and our passions, become a reality."[2]

"If Utopia is to succeed, we must be driven by our righteous desires, not by our base ones. After all, it is only through mastering ourselves that we can hope to master the worlds around us."[2]

"Through innovative technology we shall create paradise." - Pranav Antal[4]


The Sim-Archive is Utopia's primary achievement – a vast digital repository containing the collective wisdom of all their departed brothers and sisters.[5]


  • Simguru Pranav Antal - leader of the Utopia movement
  • Simguru Rishi Antal - former master of transcendental technology and father of Pranav Antal
  • Adjudicator Adric Claavis - head of the Utopian relief effort[6]
  • Dr. Saeed McNamara - Utopia futurologist[7]
  • Dr. Leigh Constantinides - Utopia spokesperson[8]


20 AUG 3307

  • Independent journalist Flint 'Firemaker' Lafosse has announced that the Rewired network will broadcast Kit Fowler's conspiracy-laden show End Times. Lafosse, notorious for his own sensationalist claims, announced: "Finally, someone else who sees things as they really are! Kit Fowler's perceptive views match his technical genius. By retransmitting his End Times broadcasts, I'll be helping people resist the narrative conditioning being pumped into our minds by the faceless elite." Kit Fowler provides specialised engineering services from his workshop in the Capoya system. He has used his show to make many outlandish claims over the years. These include labelling the shadowy figure 'Salvation' an AI construct, accusing Utopia of secretly creating a new species of human, and arguing that the universe's true shape is being concealed by superpower-sponsored holograms. Lafosse advertised Fowler's content with an excerpt from the most recent End Times episode: "Years ago, a sinister group called Black Flight committed multiple crimes, including murder, to suppress evidence of Thargoid activity after the First War. The mainstream newsfeeds buried the story, of course. But the fearless truth-seekers among us have repeatedly named the Colonia, Neche and Wasat systems as locations where the Black Flight operated. There's a real buzz in that region right now… something's going on that they don't want you to know about. Never give up our search for the right facts, people!"[9]

28 JAN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Sirius Corporation has received more data than Utopia and will therefore host the Galactic Summit. Both organisations proposed to organise a diplomatic conference for the Alliance, Empire and Federation. After calling on the galactic community to gather data that would support security operations, many pilots handed in anomalous bulk scan data, atypical disrupted wake echoes, exceptional scrambled emission data and unusual encrypted files. All three superpower governments confirmed that due to its success in preparing effective security systems, they will accept Sirius Corporation as the neutral territory for the conference. CEO Li Yong-Rui made this announcement: "Thank you to all the independent pilots who supported us. Sirius will now begin work preparing for the first Galactic Summit, which we hope will increase peace and prosperity across the galaxy." Pilots who delivered to Sirius Corporation can collect their rewards from Goldstein Port in the Lembava system. Simguru Pranav Antal expressed disappointment, but confirmed that all who contributed to Utopia's initiative will be rewarded at Tanner Settlement in the Polevnic system. Sirius Corporation has stated that the Galactic Summit is provisionally scheduled to take place over a three-week period in late February and early March.[10]

21 JAN 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Rival initiatives to arrange a diplomatic conference have been launched by Sirius Corporation and the Utopia commune. The Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have each provisionally agreed to send delegates to the first tri-superpower Galactic Summit in late February. This political gathering will also be attended by representatives from independent systems. All parties have specified that their participation depends upon the event being successfully organised in neutral territory, and with sufficient resources and security in place. Sirius Corporation and Utopia have begun to gather supplies to host the conference. Both have requested assistance from the galactic community to provide a broad range of data, which will be vital for planning security operations. Whichever organisation obtains the greatest amount of data will be deemed most suitable. The following data sources are of interest to both parties: anomalous bulk scan data, atypical disrupted wake echoes, exceptional scrambled emission data and unusual encrypted files. Simguru Pranav Antal has called upon all pilots who support Utopia's proposal to deliver the data to Tanner Settlement in the Polevnic system. CEO Li Yong-Rui has asked all those who believe Sirius Corporation to be a more suitable host to deliver the data to Goldstein Port in the Lembava system.[11]

18 JAN 3307

  • Utopia's ability to host a diplomatic conference for all three superpowers has been challenged by the Sirius Corporation. The megacorp's counter-proposal was announced by CEO Li Yong-Rui: "With all due respect to Simguru Antal, his commune cannot match our level of resources. Sirius is far better placed in terms of logistics and security, and our navy will be able to ensure the safe transportation of all delegates. Furthermore, we already have excellent commercial relationships with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, and can therefore guarantee neutrality. Our recent philanthropic gesture at creating the Marlinist Colonies proves that we are an impartial, stabilising force for the whole galaxy." Discussions regarding the conference have been ongoing in superpower and independent systems alike. Some leaders have decried it as a pointless exercise, while others view it as a rare opportunity for political cohesion. Sirius Corporation and Utopia's propositions for a Galactic Summit are now being compared by potential attendees. However, Zachary Rackham's offer to host the conference at the actual galactic summit of Rackham's Peak is not being seriously considered.[12]

08 JAN 3307

  • The organisation Aegis has expressed support for Utopia's offer to host a Galactic Summit for all three superpowers. Aegis was jointly formed by the Alliance, Empire and Federation to study the Thargoids, and develop new methods of monitoring and combating their forces. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of research at Aegis, gave this statement: "Humanity's focus on petty internal conflicts has blinded us to the existential threat of the Thargoids. Their recent horrific attacks should be a wake-up call to the fact that defunding has crippled Aegis's ability to offer protection. We strongly entreat our founders to come together and channel resources toward Aegis, and particularly into research. There can be no hope of coexistence with this alien species unless we increase our understanding of them." No official responses to Utopia's proposal have been made as yet. However, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, Princess Aisling Duval and Shadow President Felicia Winters have all signalled broad approval of the idea. There are reports that many congressmen, councillors and senators are pressuring their respective leaders to attend the diplomatic conference. Simguru Pranav Antal has confirmed that the governments of independent systems will also be welcome to send delegates to the Galactic Summit. However, Utopia's primary aim is to provide neutral territory for the Alliance, Empire and Federation to debate policies.[13]

01 JAN 3307

  • Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of the Utopia commune, has proposed hosting a diplomatic conference for the governments of all three superpowers. The intention is to provide a neutral location to discuss key issues such as the renewed Thargoid attacks, the Marlinist refugee crisis, and hostilities between the Empire and the Federation. Details have been sent to the Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate. Pranav Antal has also broadcast his invitation across all media channels: "It is not Utopia's tradition to become involved with politics, but recent events are of great concern to us all. Interstellar war, terrorism, alien incursion and economic collapse are the new four dark horsemen that threaten humanity's future. We therefore offer to host a Galactic Summit where the Alliance, Empire and Federation may debate these problems peacefully. My sincere hope is that the heads of state grasp this opportunity to resolve their differences and create solutions that benefit their peoples." Utopia is an independent society with a focus on using highly advanced technology to increase quality of life. Should this Galactic Summit take place, it would be the first diplomatic meeting of all three superpower governments.[14]

9 JUN 3306

  • The nanomedicines developed in December 3304 by Vitadyne Labs have been approved for distribution to medical facilities across the galaxy. At the time of Vitadyne's original announcement, the nanomedicines were believed to be mere weeks away from widespread availability. The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) had verified the medicine's healing properties, and Vitadyne Labs owner Professor Katrien Rook had been hailed as a genius for spearheading the research and development project. But some questioned how a relatively small company could produce such advanced drugs – questions that were answered when Pranav Antal announced that the nanomeds were derived from pharmaceuticals developed by the Utopia commune. Responding to accusations of theft, Professor Rook clarified that the original nanomeds had been legally salvaged from the wreckage of a Utopian transport ship. A lengthy legal battle followed, with Pranav Antal demanding the return of both the original nanomedicines and the Vitadyne derivatives. Vitadyne argued that the derivatives were of great potential benefit to humanity, and should be made available for sale. The IHO eventually ruled in favour of Vitadyne Labs, with the caveat that all distribution be maintained by an established pharmaceutical corporation. That honour went to the Vandermeer Corporation, which has now established the necessary manufacturing facilities. It has taken a year for all parties to agree on the rigid quality control measures and personnel qualifications required for the production of the nanomedicines. "I am proud to announce that Vitadyne nanomedicines are now available for distribution from the Kuma system," said Professor Rook at a press conference at Elion Dock. "We have established a fantastic relationship with the Vandermeer team, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labour with humanity."[15]

26 JAN 3305

  • The decision of the Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) to approve Vitadyne Labs's nanomedicines has been condemned by Utopia. Simguru Pranav Antal made this statement: "The IHO has allowed Vitadyne to steal and replicate Utopian nanomedical technology purely for their financial gain. This is why we do not share our advancements with the galaxy." Independent healthcare analyst Dr Himari Grey commented: "Vitadyne sees the Interstellar Health Organisation's decision as a victory, but others in the medical community have expressed reservations. To deny Utopia's ownership of these nanomedicines means permanently closing the door on any future cooperation with the community. What other potential benefits have been lost?" Vitadyne Labs has invited pharmaceutical giants Neomedical Industries and Vandermeer Corporation to bid for a licence to distribute Vitadyne nanomeds in their territories.[16]

17 JAN 3305

  • The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) has approved Vitadyne Labs's nanomedicines as a legal medical product. A spokesperson for the IHO said: "We accept that this product is based on nanomedicines developed by Utopia, as asserted by Simguru Pranav Antal. But our ruling is that because they were obtained as lawful salvage, the nanomeds recreated by Vitadyne Labs are its intellectual property. All restrictions have been lifted, with the caveat that distribution must be handled by an established pharmaceutical company. This will ensure that strict healthcare protocols can be applied at every stage." Professor Katrien Rook told the media she was happy to comply with the Interstellar Health Organisation's conditions.[17]

12 JAN 3305

  • The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) is currently reviewing Vitadyne Labs's nanomedicines, which the company has admitted are based on advanced technology developed by Utopia. Healthcare analyst Dr Himari Grey discussed the situation via Vox Galactica: "There are always ethical considerations when approving new medicines. But in this case the IHO has more to consider than usual, not least Pranav Antal's formal complaint that replicating Utopian technology without permission is tantamount to theft. Many in the medical community argue that it is selfish of Utopia to hoard such revolutionary medicines. As these nanomeds are capable of treating many illnesses and injuries, surely the potential health benefits outweigh questions of ownership. On the other hand, investors have already pumped millions of credits into Vitadyne Labs, convinced that profits will run into the billions if these nanomeds become the galaxy's hottest new commodity. If that happens, only the very wealthy will be able to afford Vitadyne's product."[18]

03 JAN 3305

  • Professor Katrien Rook has responded to Pranav Antal's claim that her company's nanomedicines are of Utopian origin: "I confess that Vitadyne Labs did not invent the nanomeds, but neither did we steal them. We were approached by independent pilots who discovered a crashed Utopian transport ship. The recovered cargo canisters were clearly medical in nature, so the foragers sold them to us as legitimate salvage. I would be happy to return the original cargo to Utopia with our apologies. The new nanomeds that we have created are our property, however, and I insist that we be allowed to continue their manufacture." Pranav Antal swiftly issued a reply: "Any derivative nanomedicines must also be returned to us, and production must cease. Our technology cannot be used outside Utopia." The Interstellar Health Organisation has said that it will review the case and make a decision.[19]

28 DEC 3304

  • Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, has made a statement regarding the new nanomedicines developed by Vitadyne Labs: "The nanomedicines that Professor Katrien Rook claims to have created were in fact developed in Utopia, and have been in use for decades. Several months ago, a medical transport disappeared after departing from the Polevnic system. Our assumption is that the ship was attacked and its cargo stolen. Evidently, Professor Rook acquired Utopian technology and is now passing it off as her own creation. These nanomedicines were never intended for use outside of Utopia. Such sophisticated materials can only be controlled by Utopian engineers. We demand that our property be returned to us immediately." There has been no response from Vitadyne Labs. The Interstellar Health Organisation has said that it will investigate Pranav Antal's accusation.[20]

25 APR 3304

  • An announcement from Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, has addressed the possibility that humanity may lose the conflict against the Thargoids. "For many years, our Sim-Archive has bridged the past and the future by digitally preserving the memories of countless deceased individuals. Should there come a time when our physical selves no longer exist, it is the Sim-Archive alone that will preserve humankind's essence. As such, in these volatile times, our priority is to ensure that the Sim-Archive survives humanity's potential extermination. We urge all galactic citizens to join Utopia and help the collective soul of our species live on." Commander Solveig Smith, who has fought the Thargoids in the Pleiades, commented: "Antal makes it sound like we are about to be wiped out, which is far from the truth. Things are tough right now, but we're a long way off having to convert the whole human race into software!" A more practical concern was raised by Marquis Felix Novantico, a retired military strategist for the Imperial Navy: "Pranav Antal's pessimism notwithstanding, an increase in security for his Sim-Archive is logically sound. The data it contains makes it a valuable prize for our enemy. Should the Thargoids gain access to it, it could lead to a better understanding of human psychology, and allow them to anticipate our tactics more effectively."[21]

07 MAR 3304

  • There has been a range of reactions to the discovery of new Guardian sites, and to Ram Tah's development of Guardian-inspired technologies. Federal President Zachary Hudson said: "The Federation congratulates Ram Tah on his success. Anything that helps us defend our citizens from Thargoid aggression is welcome." Imperial Admiral Denton Patreus echoed this sentiment: "I am pleased to hear that new, more powerful armaments are being produced. These will provide a tactical advantage in our conflict with the Thargoids." Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon struck a more balanced tone: "Information is wealth, and Ram Tah's efforts to expand the boundaries of science and knowledge will make us rich indeed." Meanwhile, Simguru Pranav Antal of Utopia looked to the future: "There is enormous potential for humanity to benefit from the technology of our galactic predecessors, and we look forward to sharing whatever prosperity these new discoveries may bring." Finally, Professor Alba Tesreau, head of research at Aegis, commented: "I have already contacted Ram Tah with the hope that Aegis can study his new data. Understanding more about the Guardians may enhance our knowledge of the Thargoids, and perhaps help us to comprehend their motives."[22]

15 FEB 3304

  • A spokesperson for the Utopia enclave has announced that its campaign has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community, resulting in a huge influx of deliveries to Chargaff Orbital. The commodities will be used to perform essential maintenance on the Sim-Archive, a repository of digitised memories. As the campaign drew to a close, Pranav Antal released the following statement: "Our thanks go to those who supported this campaign, which will help us safeguard the Sim-Archive for at least another century. But while the Archive is of singular importance, it does not represent the limit of our ambitions. It is my hope that we might one day be able to digitise the human consciousness, thereby transcending our physical selves." Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Chargaff Orbital in the Airman Di system.[23]

08 FEB 3304

  • The Utopia movement has announced that the Sim-Archive is to undergo a period of comprehensive maintenance. Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, elaborated on the nature of the project: "The Sim-Archive is Utopia's primary achievement – a vast digital repository containing the collective wisdom of all our departed brothers and sisters. But, like any system, the Archive requires constant maintenance, as a failure in the system could result in the loss of irreplaceable knowledge. We have therefore placed an open order for various commodities for use in this delicate work." The Official Airman Di Front has been authorised to oversee the initiative, and has pledged to reward pilots who deliver the requested goods to Chargaff Orbital in the Airman Di system. The campaign begins on the 8th of February 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.[24]

21 APR 3303

  • A spokesperson for the Utopia Commune has announced that its campaign for materials has reached a successful conclusion. Hundreds of pilots contributed to the initiative by delivering various commodities to Cenker City, which will be used in a forthcoming research and development programme. As the campaign drew to a close, Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, issued a brief statement. "Those who contributed to this initiative have my gratitude. Thanks to you, this programme is off to a promising start." Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Cenker City in the Gucumadhyas system.[25]

14 APR 3303

  • The Utopia Commune has issued a request for various commodities to be used in a forthcoming research and development programme. The enclave has placed an open order for zirconium, conductive ceramics and strange wake solutions, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to Cenker City in the Gucumadhyas system. Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of the Utopian movement, released a statement outlining the nature of the initiative. "We are well aware that independent pilots accumulate large quantities of material over the course of their travels. Fortunately, Utopia is willing to pay above-market prices for these materials, which will play a central role in our forthcoming programme." The campaign begins on the 13th of April 3303 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.[26]

15 JUL 3302

  • As Utopia completes its mission in the Maia system, senior Utopian figures have voiced alarm at the deteriorating situation between the Federation and the Empire over the barnacles. One member of the commune said: "We are surrounded by a galactic mystery. Recent events indicate that humanity may not be alone in the universe. Some believe we are being stalked by monsters. Others think we will soon encounter a higher intelligence. We must be optimistic, and meet the future – whatever it may hold – with a collective voice. I believe humanity is being watched, its actions noted. Soon, we will be judged. Our survival depends on the decisions we make right now. We must not, and cannot, fight among ourselves."
    Commander Gan
    Utopian News Network | Interstellar Press[27]

23 JUN 3302

  • A spokesperson for the technologically progressive enclave Utopia confirmed that its appeal for exploration data has reached a successful conclusion. In a statement, the spokesperson confirmed that the campaign received the enthusiastic support of the galactic community, resulting in large quantities of fresh exploration data. Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia and architect of the initiative, released a brief statement to the media: "My thanks go to those who took the time to support this campaign. The data you have provided will now be analysed, and with luck it will tell us more about what happens to the many spacefarers who disappear every day, every week, every year. How many are abducted? How many run out of fuel, far from home? And how many simply disappear without explanation? Your data will help us answer these questions." Pilots who contributed to the initiative are now free to collect their rewards from Terry Port in the Garoku system.[28]

16 JUN 3302

  • Every year, thousands of people disappear into the vastness of space. Some simply venture out too far and lose their way. Others are abducted by pirates and sold into slavery, their identities irrevocably erased. Others still may suffer more mysterious fates. For many, these disappearances are a fact of life – an inescapable consequence of living among the stars. But Pranav Antal, leader of the technologically progressive enclave Utopia, is unwilling to simply accept such losses. The simguru, as he is known, has launched a campaign to gather exploration data with the aim of discovering why so many of those who traverse the depths of space vanish. "The purpose of this campaign is to acquire concrete information about these disappearances so we can do more to prevent them. But I must stress that even if we are able to locate missing individuals, it is likely that they will be too far from our base of operations to make rescue possible. This is an intelligence-gathering operation only." Utopian representatives have promised to reward pilots who deliver exploration data to Terry Port in the Garoku system. The campaign begins on the 16th of June 3302 and will run for one week.[29]

12 JAN 3302

  • Utopian delegates returned today from the first symposium of the Pioneers Cooperative, a group dedicated to supporting expansion into uninhabited space. Also attending were representatives from Loren's Legion, Communism Interstellar, the Black Birds Squadron, Aisling's Angels, the Canonn, the Independent Pilots Consortium, Emperor's Grace, the Mercs of Mikunn, United German Commanders, EXO, the First Great Expedition, the Code, Adle's Armada, the Guardians of Harmony, CHIMERA, the Distant Worlds Admins and the Hutton Orbital Truckers. "To live is to grow, and mankind must push ever outwards", said one attending Utopian explorer. "Humanity has come here today, unified, under a banner of progress, and Utopia is proud to add its support to this noble venture. Our commune in Takurua demonstrated that expansion beyond the core systems is possible, and the success of Obsidian Orbital in Maia shows that mankind has a shared desire to expand the frontiers of human space and scientific understanding."
    Commander Gan
    Utopia News Network | Interstellar Press[30]

22 SEP 3301

  • Yesterday, Utopia added its support to the Mushin government's call for help as the Pegasi Pirate War continues to displace millions of citizens. The head of the Utopian relief effort, Adjudicator Adric Claavis, released the following statement: "The people of Utopia cannot stand idle while others suffer such misery. We will do everything in our power to assist in this relief effort, bringing hope to those who have lost so much in this bitter conflict. Utopian ambassadors have asked the Kumo Crew for passage through their space to allow access to Mushin. In addition to delivering humanitarian supplies, Utopia will welcome any refugees who wish to begin new lives, away from the fighting, on our worlds."
    Commander Gan[31]

03 SEP 3301

  • Spokespeople for Utopia have responded to recent accusations that dissidents in systems under their control are being roughly treated. "I've been saddened by recent publications that describe the Utopia movement as a cult or oppressive theocracy," Utopia futurologist Dr Saeed McNamara said. "All societies have disruptive elements who threaten the stability of the whole, but I like to think we take a more humane approach to dealing with them than others. Rather than enslaving or oppressing disruptive elements, or shipping them off to penal colonies to break rocks for the rest of their lives, we introduce our problem citizens to revolutionary simulation technology designed to increase their empathy for their fellow men and women. Criminals and dissidents aren't evil – they've just become disconnected from society. We've proved time and again that seeing the world through the eyes of others, through technology, can be a healing experience." Dr McNamara declined to elaborate further on the nature of Utopia's corrective sims, or to address rumours that those subjected to these treatments manifest radically altered personalities.
    Commander Jendrassik[32]

01 SEP 3301

  • Simguru Pranav Antal's vision of Utopia has taken the galaxy by storm, with recent estimates suggesting that 91.8 billion have joined the movement, and shows no signs of slowing down. Many are attracted by the commune's experimental tech and high standards of living, as well as the ideal of a better society. But is everything as it seems? A few former Utopians, who asked to remain anonymous, have come forward with disturbing testimonies. One young man said: "My sister and I lived on a Federation fringe world. Life's hard on the frontier, and we travelled to Utopia to find work. Everything was great at first – we had employment, free accommodation – but then my sister got a position assisting the local overseer. She found out they were kidnapping people and locking them up for questioning or disagreeing with Antal's wisdom. It's run like a cult. I told her not to confront them... Now I don't know where my sister is, or if I'll ever see her again." When one of Antal's senior aides was confronted with these accusations, they appeared shocked: "Simguru Antal would never condone such practices. These are false accusations, intended to discredit Utopia, from those who have not reached enlightenment. Visitors are welcome to view our sim-archives at any time, and experience what life as a pilgrim is truly like."
    Commander Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar
    Regulus Observer | Interstellar Press[33]

13 AUG 3301

  • Reports are coming in from the Pegasi sector of scores of marked slaves being rescued by Imperial Commanders participating in the 'United Offensive'. Acting in concert with members of the Sirius Corporation, Imperial Commanders are carefully extracting human cargo from Kumo Crew vessels. The cargo is then delivered to Sirius Corp Commanders, who fly them to safety for relocation. Unconfirmed rumours indicate that members of the Utopians are also joining the rescue and relocation efforts. Spokesmen for the Kumo Crew have vehemently denied that marked slaves are anything but common criminals and degenerates, but one prominent case has received coverage on media circuits. Known only by her first name (for her own protection), former slave Aasha has become the face of the United Offensive. "Imagine my surprise when I woke up from stasis in Comanga surrounded by pirates!" Aasha originally entered a two-year Imperial slavery contract as part of the Quivira settlement with Silver Universal PLC. "I thought it was the right thing to do", said Aasha. "I was a trained mechanical engineer and could fetch a shorter term than any anyone else in my family. The pirates said that's what made me so valuable." Imperial Slavers Associated reiterated its previously stated opposition to transporting slaves outside the Empire. They added that any Imperial slave rescued from the Kumo Crew, or any violation of their terms of service agreement, would result in that slave's contract being rendered null and void. "I don't know the Commander who saved me", a tearful Aasha explained, "but I am so thankful to them, and the friendly folks at Sirius who helped me get to the relocation authority on Munshin."
    Commander Quade[34]

01 AUG 3301

  • For the first time in the history of Utopia, the famed Sim-Archive, located in Antal, is being opened to outside visitors. The archive is a vast collection of memories stored as sims, allowing others to relive the experiences of Utopian pilgrims in the form of vivid virtual reality experiences. In the past, those sims have been used to educate Utopians and to reform dissidents within the community. Today, pilots from across the galaxy can buy Utopian sims from the more limited, public section of the Sim-Archive. In a brief statement, Simguru Pranav Antal urged all-comers to travel to Antal. "What we are offering to our brothers and sisters throughout the galaxy is an opportunity to learn, to experience, to live through the memories of thousands. From childlike wonder, through crushing terror, to unrestrained joy, the sims we offer are not just a means of entertainment, but the purest, most direct tool for achieving empathy and consensus."[35]

07 JUL 3301

  • In their convictions that their interests coincide with each other, Commanders following Simguru Pranav Antal and those in the employ of Sirius Gov have agreed a non-aggression pact. They recognise each other's right to exist, and to co-exist in harmony and in peace. Their ships are free to travel within each other's space. All freelance Commanders wishing to sign the pact are welcomed in Lembava or Polevnic to do so and make sure that part of the galaxy will be more secure in the future. This agreement has been made to seek the benefit of both their independent territories as a whole, to promote trade between the two powers and ensure the continued existence of civilization devoted to future prosperity rather than past tradition or present comfort.[36]

03 JUL 3301

  • The Utopians unveiled their plans to fight back against the pirates of the Pegasi sector today, at a meeting held aboard Yolen Hub in HIP 116213. Simguru Pranav Antal was met with wild cheers from the gathered crowds as he spoke about the sector's recent spate of conflicts with the Kumo Crew, the resultant economic downturn and Utopia's plans for turning all of that around. Outside the station's no-fire zone, followers of the Simguru demonstrated the effectiveness of Utopian technology when a wing of ships equipped with Enforcer Cannons shredded an Anaconda in under a minute. A clear message to anyone who thinks the Utopians will let their communes be pillaged simply because their overall philosophy leans towards peace.[37]

23 JUN 3301

  • Thousands of Pegasi sector civilians were forced to evacuate their homes last week, following a series of brutal raids carried out in the name of Archon Delaine. Some resilient residents have attempted to reach out to the Federation and Empire homeworlds for assistance, but so far, their pleas for help have gone unanswered. This leaves the question on everyone's lips: who will stop the Kumo Crew? Local business magnate, Pranav Antal, believes that his Utopians may well be able to provide an answer. "Their greed, their jealousy... these are the things that drive the Kumo to try to own, control and destroy everything they see. This desire for base things has led the crew down a dark path, one which has caused much pain for the people of Pegasi. We at Utopia understand their sorrow, their troubles, and we want to help. Agents of Utopia are seeking to open a new commune in HIP 116213. Once approved, our engineers will begin the dangerous process of establishing an enlightened defence against the uncivilised horde."[38]

14 JUN 3301

  • Simguru Pranav Antal made an appearance at the original Utopian commune in Antal today, to address rumours that the Utopians had entered negotiations to ally themselves with Shadow President Winters' supporters. "It is only right for us to honour what came before us. Sol is the birthplace of our race, the shining jewel of our galaxy. At least, it is now that it has been restored to its former glory. In that respect, the Federation is like an elderly relative, full of wisdom and useful life lessons, but ultimately unable to guide its children in finding their truth. In Utopia we respect our elders, but we do not allow their love of the past to obstruct our path to the future. Members of the Federation are free to come to Utopia to study, to shape, to share in everything we have to offer. After all, the abundance of Utopia was created for all of mankind, and we wish for nothing but peace with our other selves. An alliance though? No. While it is our duty to be concerned with the workings of the lower worlds, the Utopians will not allow ourselves to become tangled in the petty politics of those whose only true worry is for their own personal power. Our goods are for sale, but our integrity is not." As a reminder to all budding entrepreneurs working hard to scrape some credits from the black, Utopia is currently looking to source a large supply of metals. Traders and miners interested in acting as suppliers to Utopia are being asked to deliver metal to Lobachevsky Station in Antal.[39]

12 JUN 3301

  • In a move that many will see as being directly at odds with her predecessor's hard-line stance against the spread of sim addiction in the Federation, emissaries of Shadow President Felicia Winters have been spotted meeting with representatives of Utopia aboard Tanner Settlement in Polevnic. GalNet reached out to the Shadow President to ask why her support staff were seen visiting the Utopian headquarters, but a spokesman brushed it off as routine. Political pundits have been quick to point out that visiting Utopia could be seen as a move to support sim fans – given Utopia's strong connection to the sim gaming industry, though there are other rumours, fuelled by the call for a large order of assorted Metals to be delivered to Antal, has led economists to speculate that the Utopians may be looking to broaden their efforts into other markets.[40]

06 JUN 3301

  • As heir to the legacy of Simguru Rishi Antal, the master of transcendental technology, Pranav has a lot to live up to. There are many people who thought that Utopia, along with its various projects and subsidiaries, would inevitably fall apart once Rishi was no longer leading them. Pranav has proved them all wrong. Pranav, known as Simguru Antal to his followers, not only managed to maintain the original Utopian Commune, he has actually expanded the Utopian Commune Programme to include Polevnic, Neris, HIP 117972 and HIP 1389. Never one to rest on his laurels, Pranav is already planning on expanding Utopia's reach into another half a dozen systems in the very near future. "We live in an imperfect world, one constructed from the chaos that is this universe's random nature," Simguru Antal told GalNet. "The struggle of men and women to impose order through innovation and understanding is the key to humanity's ultimate happiness. The advancement of our species towards that inevitable point of peace and prosperity is not only my love, my passion, it is my very reason for being. It is the reason that all of us are here. To make our dreams, and our passions, become a reality. If Utopia is to succeed, we must be driven by our righteous desires, not by our base ones. After all, it is only through mastering ourselves that we can hope to master the worlds around us."[41]

06 JUN 3301

  • For decades, the Utopian compound on Antal was seen as a place where people could visit the future. Technology that was years ahead of its time was openly on display for anyone to see. The secrets uncovered by the Utopian engineers were made freely available for study, regardless of the factional leanings of those who wished to explore their mysteries. That freedom of information, that willingness to share knowledge and ideas, is what has allowed Utopia to grow into a living network of technological communes that will help lead the galaxy towards a better tomorrow. In the last five years, hundreds of thousands of scientists, programmers and engineers have begun their journey into the Utopian lifestyle. Their hard work and dedication has been rewarded with a wealth of new technologies that will revolutionise the galaxy once mass production has been achieved. Of course, mass production is difficult without the right materials to do the job. Utopia estimates its workshops require around 30 million tonnes of assorted metals per month. So far, no single supplier has been able to meet their requirements. As such, Utopia will be offering a range of bonuses each month to any interstellar traders who bring the Utopians a large supply of metal. Those interested in offering assistance to the Utopian Project are asked to deliver metals to Lobachevsky Station in Antal.[42]


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