Utopixx Entertainment is a subsidiary of Reynhardt Intellisys, a Federal corporation. They are responsible for some of the top virtual reality experiences in the galaxy, such as the CQC franchise.[1] The latest installment in that franchise, CQC Championship, has the endorsement of President Zachary Hudson as a training and recruitment tool for the Federal Navy.[2]


16 MAY 3301

  • For the first time in almost a decade, Utopixx Entertainment, the subsidiary of Reynhardt Intellisys responsible for some of the top virtual reality experiences in the galaxy, has posted an operating loss of almost 5,000,000,000,000 credits. Investors were shocked by the news, which saw Reynhardt Intellisys shares drop by almost 14%. Reynhardt Intellisys has issued the following statement in an attempt to explain the drastic change in profits: "Overall, uptake of Utopixx products in Independent, Alliance and Imperial markets remains strong. We continue to see a yearly growth rate of between 1 and 2% per sector, which in many cases means that we are exceeding our targets. The losses posted for this year are partly due to the construction of a completely new and extremely exciting line of VR-Streams, which includes the latest instalment in the popular CQC franchise. In-sim purchases within Federal markets have fallen below expected levels, but an analysis of the market suggests that such losses are part of a general downward trend that appears to be affecting a wide range of media companies operating in Federal systems. The cause of this drop-off in purchases remains unclear at this time."[1]


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