Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entirety of the Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions. Here is the version history of how it has evolved over time.

The current version is Fleet Carriers Update Patch 2 , released on September 18, 2019. Since launch on December 16, 2014, there have been 7563 documented improvements to the live game, via 66 client/server and 25 supplementary-server updates.

This page is a quick reference for the purpose of informing returning-CMDRs, after time away from the cockpit, of what has been added to Elite Dangerous and when. Provided are highlights of each release version - approximately 95% of the changelog information is omitted - therefore they are ordered as follows:

  • Expansions bring key improvements - so are ordered chronologically, most recent first.
  • Patches mostly fix bugs and correct balance issues that appeared - so are ordered by release-date, under their parent expansion.

Each release is briefly described on this page as follows:

  • Version identifier, title of headline feature, and date publicly available
  • Summary of the content, features and key gameplay improvements added
  • Links to the complete changelogs (only ~5% is included here)

Version formatting

Each release version's numeric identifier (n.n.nn) is broken down as follows:

  • First digit refers to the Season
  • Second digit refers to the major release or expansion
  • Third (pair of) digit(s) refers to the minor release or patch
  • Example: a version identifier of v1.2.08 = 8th patch, of the 2nd expansion, during Season 1


v2.4 "The Return" & v1.9 - 26th September 2017

  • Mysterious and exciting things added...
  • Pilot's Federation Bounty and Ship Rebuy Penalty added, for PvP murders
  • Inbox revamped
  • Chained missions added
  • Hull/canopy repair limpets added
  • Stored ships can be sold from rebuy screen
  • Route plotting range increased to 20Kly, and new filters added
  • Search & Rescue gameplay & scenarios added
  • New Salvage scenarios added
  • Brazilian Portuguese language translation added
  • (Horizons) Mysterious and exciting things added...
  • (Horizons) Holo-Me save slots and new customisation options added
  • (Horizons) Synthesis can create heatsinks, chaff, limpets, and top-up life-support
  • Audio, Background Simulation, controls, gameplay, graphics, Journal, missions, networking, NPC, stability, and VR improvements
  • Changelog, 308 notes: v2.4/v1.9

v2.4.01 & v1.9.01 - 27th Sep

  • Gameplay, graphics, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 3 notes: v2.4.01/v1.9.01

v2.4.02 & v1.9.02 - 3rd Oct

  • No-Fire Zone around stations & outposts increased to 8km
  • Anti-Thargoid weapon & module rebalancing
  • Audio, graphics, Journal, missions, networking, NPC, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 55 notes: v2.4.02/v1.9.02

v2.4.03 & v1.9.03 - 11th Oct

  • Xbox One X support
  • Community Goal live tracking now in Transactions Tab
  • Background Simulation, gameplay, graphics, Journal, missions, networking, NPC, performance, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 28 notes: v2.4.03/v1.9.03 & console-only #1, #2 & #3

v2.4.08 & v1.9.08 - 30th Nov

  • Taipan AX variant added
  • Controls, gameplay, and graphics improvements
  • Changelog, 5 notes: v2.4.08/v1.9.08

v2.4.09 & v1.9.09 - 6th Dec

v2.3 "The Commanders" & v1.8 - 11th April 2017

  • Camera Suite: extensive, freeform camera controls
  • New weapons: turreted mining lasers
  • Ship Naming and ID plates for outfitting (DLC)
  • 32 Asteroid Base Stations in deep space locations
  • Targetted stations show schematic in correct orientation
  • 9 Megaship variants: Tanker, Cargo, Asteroid Miner, Flight Operations, Prison Ship, Science Vessel, Passenger & 2 unknowns
  • Multi-stage mission support & Passenger mission redirects are now optional
  • Updated mission/variant templates
  • Increased speed of Military career progression, SuperPower reputation, and Minor Faction influence gains
  • New Installations: Medical, Space Bar, Space Farm, Government & Security Station
  • New Challenge scenarios: 4 new Incursions, Speed Docking, Driver, Ship-Launched-Fighter
  • New wreckages, USS scenarios & "Mysterious Things"
  • Exploration data credit value increased
  • Bucky Ball Beer Mats rare good added
  • 100 new Tourist beacons added
  • Audio, celestial, controls, CQC, gameplay, graphics, missions, networking, NPC AI, NPC loadout, Powerplay, stability, Stellar Forge, and VR improvements
  • (Horizons) Holo-Me: fully customisable Commander avatar creator
  • (Horizons) Multi-Crew: a team of upto 3 CMDRs with Helm, Gunner & FighterCon roles
  • (Horizons) New ship: Dolphin
  • (Horizons) Prisoner Cells added to cabin options
  • (Horizons) Scanner mods added
  • (Horizons) New surface POIs, features & organics
  • Changelog, 789 notes: v2.3/v1.8

v2.3.01 & v1.8.01 - 25th Apr

  • Audio, gameplay, graphics, missions, networking, Player Journal, Powerplay, and stability improvements
  • (Horizons) Multi-Crew payments and rebuys rebalancing
  • Changelog, 35 notes: v2.3.01/v1.8.01

v2.3.02 & v1.8.02 - 27th Apr

  • Reverted 2.3's increase in Minor Faction gains
  • Gameplay, missions, networking, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 14 notes: v2.3.02/v1.8.02 & Server

v2.3.10 & v1.8.10 - 26th Jun

  • PlayStation 4 edition released
  • Audio, gameplay, missions, networking, Player Journal, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 24 notes: v2.3.10/v1.8.10

v2.3.11 & v1.8.11 - 11th Jul

  • Gameplay, missions, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 8 notes: v2.3.11/v1.8.11

v2.2 "The Guardians" & v1.7 - 25th Oct 2016

  • Passengers & Tourism
  • Passenger lounge with 18 archtypes of traveller with random traits & requirements for charter missions
  • Passenger cabin modules: luxury, first class, business and economy
  • Scannable tourist beacons providing lore
  • New Player Power: Yuri Grom
  • New & updated voiced training scenarios: docking & travel, basic & advanced combat, flight, and mining
  • New station interiors & hangars: agricultural, high tech, industrial, and services
  • Station contact for handling universal fines, bonds, and bounties
  • New & improved faces for all station contacts
  • New Galaxy Map filters: security, route-plotting, visited star systems
  • Space installations built from CQC assets, and docked Capital ships
  • Faction status summary added to Galnet news feed, and security level displayed when jumping to destination
  • Mission cargo can be sold on black market
  • Weapon & module storage, transfer and remote selling
  • Ship transfer and remote selling
  • Weapons and ships rebalancing
  • Player Journal API for external apps and mods
  • New graphics and FSD boost gameplay for Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs, and hyperspace
  • Audio, controls, CQC, gameplay, graphics, missions, networking, NPC AI, NPC loadout, Player Journal, Powerplay, stability, Stellar Forge, and VR improvements
  • (Horizons) Ship Launched Fighters & NPC Crew
  • (Horizons) New ships: Beluga Liner, F-63 Condor, Imperial Fighter, and Taipan
  • (Horizons) Crew Lounge with upgradable NPC SLF pilots for hire
  • (Horizons) New surface features: biological entities, fumeroles & geysers, persistent POIs, and "mysterious things"
  • (Horizons) New Engineers and Blueprints: scanners, defences, utilities
  • (Horizons) Planet surface terrain improvements
  • (Horizons) New voiced training scenarios: SRV & SLF
  • (Horizons) Engineer modifications rebalancing
  • Changelog, 1180 notes: v2.2/v1.7

v2.2.01 & v1.7.01 - 27th Oct

  • Reduced ship & module transfer costs by 50%
  • Gameplay, Powerplay, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 27 notes: v2.2.01/v1.7.01

v2.2.02 & v1.7.02 - 15th Nov

  • Mission rewards rebalancing
  • Neutron Star witchspace arrival point made safer
  • Gameplay, graphics, networking, and stability improvements
  • (Server) Further mission rewards rebalancing
  • (Server) Passenger mission detours now optional with bonus payments
  • Changelog, 40 notes: v2.2.02/v1.7.02, Server #1 & #2

v2.2.03 & v.1.7.03 - 10th Jan 2017

  • Weapons, Shields and Ships rebalancing
  • Combat Defenses section added to Internal Statistics panel
  • New Ancient Ruins missions added
  • Massacre Conflict missions now only affect Conflict Zones
  • Module Reinforcement Packs added
  • Military slots added to combat Ships
  • Powerplay Consolidation voting added
  • Powerplay security and pirate NPC interdiction improvements
  • Powerplay rebalancing
  • Matchmaking, port forwarding, and router exchange improvements
  • Player Journal API additions
  • (Horizons) New Engineers' Blueprints
  • (Horizons) Commodities removed from Blueprint requirements
  • (Horizons) Engineers and Blueprints rebalancing
  • Gameplay, missions, networking, NPC AI, stability, and VR improvements
  • Changelog, 217 notes: v2.2.03/v1.7.03

v2.1 "The Engineers" & v1.6 - 26th May 2016

  • Mission & scenario improvements: new layout, new types, faces for NPCs, contextualised USS' & POIs, difficulty determined by rank, welcome messages, commodity/loot/treasure rewards
  • Mission limit reduced to 20, and military rank progress rebalancing to be easier
  • Huge lasers and muticannons added, and weapon, missile and mine damage rebalancing
  • Fer-De-Lance heat efficiency rebalancing to offset the increased power plant change
  • Customisable Bookmarks, Community goal markers, and Minor Faction state filters added to galaxy map
  • Background Simulation rebalancing, and improvements to mission and information feedback
  • Ability to scan a Nav beacon to get that system's exploration data added
  • Default number of items per page in Exploration selling increased from 20 to 50
  • Community Goal rewards now automatically redeem after 2 weeks
  • Clock added to cockpit's info panel
  • Add distances to wakes targeted by the player
  • Ships cannot enter super cruise if their thrusters are disabled, and hardpoint deployment in supercruise disabled
  • Large AI improvement, making combat more dangerous especially at higher NPC ranks
  • Spawning ambient & Powerplay AI in normal space updated, and Powerplay ships at stations, nav beacons and RES locations added
  • Silent Running blocking AI scans improvements
  • Credit reward for routing a cap ship in war zones increased to 150000
  • (Horizons) Materials can be spawned/dropped inside signal sources, destroyed ships and skimmers, scanned from wreckage and ships, mining including icy rings
  • (Horizons) Modules can be upgraded by Engineers, using materials, to create improved stats, visual & experimental effects
  • (Horizons) Point defence systems for settlements and bases, and skimmer disablers added
  • (Horizons) Collisions with skimmers are now also extremely disruptive to ships, hitting one will cause a temporarily loss of drives and shields
  • Changelog, 1337 notes: v2.1/v1.6

v2.1.02 & v1.6.02 - 3rd Jun

  • NPC overpowered-hybrid weapons removed
  • Gameplay, Powerplay, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 25 notes: v2.1.02/v1.6.02

v2.1.03 & v1.6.03 - 22nd Jun

  • Huge burst lasers added
  • NPC AI, loadout, spawning and interdiction rebalancing
  • Audio, gameplay, graphics and stability improvements
  • (Server) Rare goods available rebalancing
  • (Xbox) Localised languages added: French, German, Spanish and Russian
  • (CQC) Gameplay improvements
  • (Horizons) Articles about sourcing materials available in Engineers bases' news feeds
  • (Horizons) Materials and data storage increased
  • (Horizons) Engineers' unlock requirements rebalancing
  • (Horizons) CMDRs can now expend reputation levels with Engineers to control experimental effects
  • Changelog, 157 notes: v2.1.03/v1.6.03 & Server

v2.1.04 & v1.6.04 - 1st Jul

v2.1.05 & v1.6.05 - 28th Jul

  • Audio, gameplay, missions, NPC loadout, Powerplay and stability improvements
  • (CQC) Matchmaking improvements
  • (Horizons) Materials droprates and blueprint requirements rebalancing
  • (Horizons) Surface scan for materials added
  • (Horizons) Thermal weapons rebalancing
  • Changelog, 82 notes: v2.1.05/v1.6.05

v2.0 "Planetary Landings" & v1.5 "Ships" - 15th Dec 2015

  • New 64 bit client
  • Vive VR headset support added
  • New ships: Asp Scout, Viper MkIV, Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter, and Keelback
  • New CQC-only ship: Imperial Fighter
  • New missions and scenarios added: Don't die, Don't get scanned, Multi-stage, Assassination variants, Contact, Unique cargo, Timed window, Search and rescue, Wrecked ships, Deep space salvage, Distress call, Alliance VIP escort
  • Missions and scenarios can now be received in space
  • Fer-de-Lance's manoeuvrability, Power Plant capacity and heat dissipation all increased
  • Shield Cell Banks, Hull Reinforcement Packages and Bulkheads rebalancing
  • More Player Group sponsored Minor Faction descriptions added
  • Master Chefs rare good added
  • Local emergency rescue NPCs added
  • Spanish community-created localisation added
  • Background Simulation rebalancing
  • (Horizons) Ships can land on planet surfaces!
  • (Horizons) New flight modes: Orbital cruise, Sub-orbital, Glide path planetary approach, and FA-off support
  • (Horizons) Planetary Approach Suite module slot added
  • (Horizons) Ability to dismiss and recall your ship added
  • (Horizons) Deployable SRV when landed and at planetary ports
  • (Horizons) New GUI indicators added: Landing radar, Gravity strength, Wave scanner, Terrain scanner
  • (Horizons) NPC surface skimmers added: Goliath, Sentry, Guardian, Stinger 2
  • (Horizons) Surface ports and settlements added, with defences and trespass zones
  • (Horizons) Surface points of interest added: Materials, Encounters, Natural, and Structure
  • (Horizons) Planetary Missions and Permits added
  • (Horizons) Planetary schematic map added
  • (Horizons) Planet Surface rendering overhaul
  • (Horizons) Materials & Synthesis added: AFM module resupply, FSD Boost, Ship projectile resupply, SRV hull repair, SRV refuel, SRV ammo refill
  • (PC/OSX) Bobbleheads added
  • (PC/OSX) Updated French, German and Russian translations
  • Changelog, 955 notes: v2.0/v1.5

v2.0.01 & v1.5.01 - 16th Dec

  • Gameplay and stability improvements
  • (Horizons) SRV control and targeting improvements
  • Changelog, 13 notes: v2.0.01 and Server

v2.0.02 & v1.5.02 - 21st Dec

  • CMDR statistics screen now shows time played
  • Audio, gameplay, graphics, performance and stability improvements
  • (Horizons) Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 33 notes: v2.0.02

v2.0.03 & v1.5.03 - 6th Jan 2016

  • (PC/OSX) Alternative Download option added to game launcher
  • Stability improvements
  • Changelog, 20 notes: v2.0.0.3

v2.0.04 & v1.5.04 - 26th Jan

  • Gameplay, networking and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 26 notes: v2.0.04

v2.0.05 & v1.5.05 - 1st Feb

  • (Horizons) Planetside object spawning improvements
  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 7 notes: v2.0.05

v2.0.06 & v1.5.06 - 16th Feb

  • ED Arena (standalone CQC) now available
  • i Sola Prospect in the Brestla star system now always stocks all ships and modules
  • (Horizons) Gameplay improvements
  • (CQC) Gameplay, matchmaking and stability improvements
  • (OSX) Fix CMDRs not being able to save bindings
  • (Server) Background Simulation, performance, Powerplay, and reliability improvements
  • Changelog, 35 notes: v2.0.06 and Server

v2.0.07 & v1.5.07 - 24th Mar

  • Oculus 1.3 SDK support
  • VR Low & High graphics presets, new VR-only menu, and VR experience demo tutorial
  • Crossplay support for First Discovered, Top-5 Bounties, and Community Goal #1 contributor
  • (Horizons) VR comfort options for SRV
  • Changelog, 19 notes: v2.0.07

v2.0.08 & v1.5.08 - 31st Mar

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 3 notes: v2.0.08

v2.0.09 & v1.5.09 - 26th Apr

  • Exploration data selling increased to 50 items per page
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 5 notes: v2.0.09

v1.4 "CQC" - 6th Oct 2015

  • Elite Dangerous released on Xbox One
  • CQC Championship added
  • New ships: Imperial Eagle, Federal Gunship, and Federal Assault Ship
  • New CQC-only ship: F63 Condor
  • Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites added
  • Compromised Nav Beacons added
  • Legal salvage missions added
  • Outfitting for CQC added
  • Changed how powerplant damage is handled - small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output
  • Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their Kickstarter backer rewards
  • (Server) Minor Factions sponsored by Player Groups added
  • (Server) Various Background Simulation, matchmaking, networking, performance, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 396 notes: v1.4

v1.4.01 - 20th Oct

  • New Mission Templates
  • CQC Matchmaking improvements
  • Improvements to interdictions
  • (Xbox) Upload App now supported
  • (Xbox) Updated User Guide
  • (OSX) Support for Retina native resolutions added
  • (OSX) Support for Fullscreen, Borderless & Windowed display modes added
  • (Server) Rares goods' availability & legalities improved for Onionhead, Lucan Onionhead and Tarach Tor Spice!
  • (Server) More Minor Factions sponsored by Player Groups added
  • (Server) Daily limits to minor faction influence changes added
  • (Server) Background Simulation, performance and stability improvements
  • Changelogs, 24 notes: v1.4.01 and Server #1 & #2

v1.3 "Powerplay" - 5th Jun 2015

  • Powerplay added
  • Power map views on galaxy map, power information and action screens added
  • Power specific ship modules, ambient traffic, defector hunters, goods and actions added
  • New ships: Imperial Courier, Diamondback Scout and Diamondback Explorer
  • Drones for Cargo/Mining chunk collection, Fuel transfer and Prospecting asteroids added
  • Mission system overhaul
  • Inbox integration for branching missions
  • Missions scaling up based on rank, and reputation with mission giver
  • Mission targets can be generated in supercruise rather than USSs
  • Spawned AI difficulty determined by mission (if spawned by mission)
  • Low and high intensity resource extraction site scenarios added
  • Military progression missions revamped
  • Founders and Elite ranked missions added
  • Minable commodities Painite and Osmium added
  • More mission variants added, including slave, mining and alternate-assassination-target
  • Updated bounty system:
    • Bounties cannot be paid off (Pilot's Fed contact is gone!), but expire after 7 days.
    • Major factions don't record crimes anymore, only minor factions
    • Fines now take 7 days to expire, but never coexist with bounties (bounties absorb fines and dormant bounties with the same faction).
    • Expiry only actually happens when you login, hyperspace or resurrect
    • Friendly fire values relaxed
  • Select navigation target in system map function added
  • Loan ceiling scales based on player's highest Elite rank
  • Added crimes for reckless flying (collisions) within Starport no fire zones:
    • Shields only collisions above speed limit is a fine
    • Hull damage only above speed limit is a larger fine
    • Ship destruction within short window after collision above speed limit is a bounty
    • Respects 'Report crimes against me' setting
  • Allow any general purpose slot on any ship to contain a fuel tank module
  • Networking improvements
  • Translations for missions added: French, German, and Russian
  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelogs, 602 notes: v1.3 and Server

v1.3.01 - 9th Jun

  • (Server) Various performance and reliability improvements
  • Changelog, 27 notes: v1.3.01

v1.3.02 - 10th Jun

v1.3.03 - 12th Jun

  • Powerplay rebalancing
  • (Server) Exploration performance improvements
  • (Server) Powerplay rebalancing
  • Changelogs, 4 notes: v1.3.03 and Server

v1.3.04 - 16th Jun

v1.3.05 - 18th Jun

  • Mission improvements
  • Localisation text corrections
  • Ship repair costs overhaul
  • (Server) Stability improvements
  • Changelogs, 29 notes: v1.3.05 and Server

v1.3.06 - 25th Jun

  • Galnet news reliability improvements
  • Powerplay rebalancing
  • (OSX) Controller compatibility improvements
  • Changelogs, 34 notes: v1.3.06 and Server

v1.3.07 - 2nd Jul

  • Radius of the sphere of systems used to generate missions increased to 15ly
  • Cargo dumping limit increased to 100, when away from stations and outposts
  • (Server) Galnet news reports Powerplay predictions
  • (Server) Exploration optimisations
  • (Server) Powerplay improvements
  • Changelogs, 19 notes: v1.3.07 and Server #1, #2 & #3

v1.3.08 - 5th Aug

  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Appconfig option RouterPort added
  • Changelog, 13 notes: v1.3.08

v1.2 "Wings" - 10th Mar 2015

  • Wings functionality added
  • New ships: Fer-de-Lance and Vulture
  • Comms interface overhaul
  • NPC Groups added
  • Ability to reboot destroyed sub systems (modules) added
  • Flyable debug camera with limited range added
  • Changelog, 336 notes: v1.2

v1.2.01 - 11th Mar

  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Hotfix identified as v1.2.02 fixed critical crash bug
  • Changelog, 16 notes: v1.2.01

v1.2.03 - 12th Mar

  • Earnings from bounties, combat bonds, and exploration data all increased
  • Changelog, 21 notes: v1.2.03

v1.2.04 - 13th Mar

  • Head-tracking improvements
  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 6 notes: v1.2.04

v1.2.05 - 18th Mar

  • Smaller ships are now better at smuggling
  • Changelog, 23 notes: v1.2.05

v1.2.06 - 25th Mar

  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 21 notes: v1.2.06

v1.2.07 - 10th Apr

  • Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted
  • (Server) Performance and reliability improvements
  • (Server) Cap all bounties to 1 million credits per Minor Faction
  • Changelogs, 19 notes: v1.2.07 and Server

v1.1 "Community Goals" - 10th Feb 2015

  • Community Goals added
  • Route planning extended to 1,000ly
  • Russian language translations added
  • 'Discovered by' tag to system map added
  • New graphics shaders for planets, and city lights added
  • Explored system details added to cartographics shop
  • Top benefactors support added to system map
  • Hotfix identified as v1.1.01 fixed critical crash bug
  • Changelog, 306 notes: v1.1

v1.1.02 - 11th Feb

  • Backers and Elite-rank discounts added
  • Collision damage tweaked
  • Changelog, 9 notes: v1.1.02

v1.1.03 - 12th Feb

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 18 notes: v1.1.03

v1.1.04 - 13th Feb

  • Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at any local starport
  • Changelog, 8 notes: v1.1.04

v1.1.05 - 19th Feb

  • Friendly fire relaxed
  • Changelog, 15 notes: v1.1.05

v1.1.06 - 5th Mar

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 6 notes: v1.1.06

v1.0 "Welcome to the Galaxy, CMDR" - 16th Dec 2014

  • Initial public version of the game :)

v1.01 - 17th Dec

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 11 notes: v1.01

v1.02 - 18th Dec

  • Rare commodities supply limit added
  • Changelog, 13 notes: v1.02

v1.03 - 19th Dec

  • More UI and Control options added
  • Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelogs, 8 notes: v1.03 and Server #1 & #2

v1.04 - 8th Jan 2015

  • Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 18 notes: v1.04

v1.05 - 15th Jan

  • Mission list improvements
  • Changelogs, 23 notes: v1.05 and Server

v1.06 - 22nd Jan

  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Changelog, 16 notes: v1.06

v1.07 - 28th Jan

  • (Server) Maintenance period now weekly
  • Changelogs, 10 notes: v1.07 and Server #1 & #2
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