Elite Dangerous Wiki

Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming's original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative and the entirety of the Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions. Here is the version history of how it has evolved over time.

The current PC version is Fleet Carriers Update Patch 11, released on January 27, 2021, and the current console version is Fleet Carrier Update Patch 9, released on December 16, 2020. Since launch on December 16, 2014, there have been 7563 documented improvements to the live game, via 66 client/server and 25 supplementary-server updates.

This page is a quick reference for the purpose of informing returning-CMDRs, after time away from the cockpit, of what has been added to Elite Dangerous and when. Provided are highlights of each release version - approximately 95% of the changelog information is omitted - therefore they are ordered as follows:

  • Expansions bring key improvements - so are ordered chronologically, most recent first.
  • Patches mostly fix bugs and correct balance issues that appeared - so are ordered by release-date, under their parent expansion.

Each release is briefly described on this page as follows:

  • Version identifier, title of headline feature, and date publicly available
  • Summary of the content, features and key gameplay improvements added
  • Links to the complete changelogs (only ~5% is included here)

Version formatting

Each release version's numeric identifier (n.n.nn) is broken down as follows:

  • First digit refers to the Season
  • Second digit refers to the major release or expansion
  • Third (pair of) digit(s) refers to the minor release or patch
  • Example: a version identifier of v1.2.08 = 8th patch, of the 2nd expansion, during Season 1


v2.4 "The Return" & v1.9 - 26th September 2017

  • Mysterious and exciting things added...
  • Pilot's Federation Bounty and Ship Rebuy Penalty added, for PvP murders
  • Inbox revamped
  • Chained missions added
  • Hull/canopy repair limpets added
  • Stored ships can be sold from rebuy screen
  • Route plotting range increased to 20Kly, and new filters added
  • Search & Rescue gameplay & scenarios added
  • New Salvage scenarios added
  • Brazilian Portuguese language translation added
  • (Horizons) Mysterious and exciting things added...
  • (Horizons) Holo-Me save slots and new customisation options added
  • (Horizons) Synthesis can create heatsinks, chaff, limpets, and top-up life-support
  • Audio, Background Simulation, controls, gameplay, graphics, Journal, missions, networking, NPC, stability, and VR improvements
  • Changelog, 308 notes: v2.4/v1.9

v2.4.01 & v1.9.01 - 27th Sep

  • Gameplay, graphics, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 3 notes: v2.4.01/v1.9.01

v2.4.02 & v1.9.02 - 3rd Oct

  • No-Fire Zone around stations & outposts increased to 8km
  • Anti-Thargoid weapon & module rebalancing
  • Audio, graphics, Journal, missions, networking, NPC, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 55 notes: v2.4.02/v1.9.02

v2.4.03 & v1.9.03 - 11th Oct

  • Xbox One X support
  • Community Goal live tracking now in Transactions Tab
  • Background Simulation, gameplay, graphics, Journal, missions, networking, NPC, performance, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 28 notes: v2.4.03/v1.9.03 & console-only #1, #2 & #3

v2.4.08 & v1.9.08 - 30th Nov

  • Taipan AX variant added
  • Controls, gameplay, and graphics improvements
  • Changelog, 5 notes: v2.4.08/v1.9.08

v2.4.09 & v1.9.09 - 6th Dec

v2.3 "The Commanders" & v1.8 - 11th April 2017

  • Camera Suite: extensive, freeform camera controls
  • New weapons: turreted mining lasers
  • Ship Naming and ID plates for outfitting (DLC)
  • 32 Asteroid Base Stations in deep space locations
  • Targetted stations show schematic in correct orientation
  • 9 Megaship variants: Tanker, Cargo, Asteroid Miner, Flight Operations, Prison Ship, Science Vessel, Passenger & 2 unknowns
  • Multi-stage mission support & Passenger mission redirects are now optional
  • Updated mission/variant templates
  • Increased speed of Military career progression, SuperPower reputation, and Minor Faction influence gains
  • New Installations: Medical, Space Bar, Space Farm, Government & Security Station
  • New Challenge scenarios: 4 new Incursions, Speed Docking, Driver, Ship-Launched-Fighter
  • New wreckages, USS scenarios & "Mysterious Things"
  • Exploration data credit value increased
  • Bucky Ball Beer Mats rare good added
  • 100 new Tourist beacons added
  • Audio, celestial, controls, CQC, gameplay, graphics, missions, networking, NPC AI, NPC loadout, Powerplay, stability, Stellar Forge, and VR improvements
  • (Horizons) Holo-Me: fully customisable Commander avatar creator
  • (Horizons) Multi-Crew: a team of upto 3 CMDRs with Helm, Gunner & FighterCon roles
  • (Horizons) New ship: Dolphin
  • (Horizons) Prisoner Cells added to cabin options
  • (Horizons) Scanner mods added
  • (Horizons) New surface POIs, features & organics
  • Changelog, 789 notes: v2.3/v1.8

v2.3.01 & v1.8.01 - 25th Apr

  • Audio, gameplay, graphics, missions, networking, Player Journal, Powerplay, and stability improvements
  • (Horizons) Multi-Crew payments and rebuys rebalancing
  • Changelog, 35 notes: v2.3.01/v1.8.01

v2.3.02 & v1.8.02 - 27th Apr

  • Reverted 2.3's increase in Minor Faction gains
  • Gameplay, missions, networking, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 14 notes: v2.3.02/v1.8.02 & Server

v2.3.10 & v1.8.10 - 26th Jun

  • PlayStation 4 edition released
  • Audio, gameplay, missions, networking, Player Journal, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 24 notes: v2.3.10/v1.8.10

v2.3.11 & v1.8.11 - 11th Jul

  • Gameplay, missions, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 8 notes: v2.3.11/v1.8.11

v2.2 "The Guardians" & v1.7 - 25th Oct 2016

  • Passengers & Tourism
  • Passenger lounge with 18 archtypes of traveller with random traits & requirements for charter missions
  • Passenger cabin modules: luxury, first class, business and economy
  • Scannable tourist beacons providing lore
  • New Player Power: Yuri Grom
  • New & updated voiced training scenarios: docking & travel, basic & advanced combat, flight, and mining
  • New station interiors & hangars: agricultural, high tech, industrial, and services
  • Station contact for handling universal fines, bonds, and bounties
  • New & improved faces for all station contacts
  • New Galaxy Map filters: security, route-plotting, visited star systems
  • Space installations built from CQC assets, and docked Capital ships
  • Faction status summary added to Galnet news feed, and security level displayed when jumping to destination
  • Mission cargo can be sold on black market
  • Weapon & module storage, transfer and remote selling
  • Ship transfer and remote selling
  • Weapons and ships rebalancing
  • Player Journal API for external apps and mods
  • New graphics and FSD boost gameplay for Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs, and hyperspace
  • Audio, controls, CQC, gameplay, graphics, missions, networking, NPC AI, NPC loadout, Player Journal, Powerplay, stability, Stellar Forge, and VR improvements
  • (Horizons) Ship Launched Fighters & NPC Crew
  • (Horizons) New ships: Beluga Liner, F-63 Condor, Imperial Fighter, and Taipan
  • (Horizons) Crew Lounge with upgradable NPC SLF pilots for hire
  • (Horizons) New surface features: biological entities, fumeroles & geysers, persistent POIs, and "mysterious things"
  • (Horizons) New Engineers and Blueprints: scanners, defences, utilities
  • (Horizons) Planet surface terrain improvements
  • (Horizons) New voiced training scenarios: SRV & SLF
  • (Horizons) Engineer modifications rebalancing
  • Changelog, 1180 notes: v2.2/v1.7

v2.2.01 & v1.7.01 - 27th Oct

  • Reduced ship & module transfer costs by 50%
  • Gameplay, Powerplay, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 27 notes: v2.2.01/v1.7.01

v2.2.02 & v1.7.02 - 15th Nov

  • Mission rewards rebalancing
  • Neutron Star witchspace arrival point made safer
  • Gameplay, graphics, networking, and stability improvements
  • (Server) Further mission rewards rebalancing
  • (Server) Passenger mission detours now optional with bonus payments
  • Changelog, 40 notes: v2.2.02/v1.7.02, Server #1 & #2

v2.2.03 & v.1.7.03 - 10th Jan 2017

  • Weapons, Shields and Ships rebalancing
  • Combat Defenses section added to Internal Statistics panel
  • New Ancient Ruins missions added
  • Massacre Conflict missions now only affect Conflict Zones
  • Module Reinforcement Packs added
  • Military slots added to combat Ships
  • Powerplay Consolidation voting added
  • Powerplay security and pirate NPC interdiction improvements
  • Powerplay rebalancing
  • Matchmaking, port forwarding, and router exchange improvements
  • Player Journal API additions
  • (Horizons) New Engineers' Blueprints
  • (Horizons) Commodities removed from Blueprint requirements
  • (Horizons) Engineers and Blueprints rebalancing
  • Gameplay, missions, networking, NPC AI, stability, and VR improvements
  • Changelog, 217 notes: v2.2.03/v1.7.03

v2.1 "The Engineers" & v1.6 - 26th May 2016

  • Mission & scenario improvements: new layout, new types, faces for NPCs, contextualised USS' & POIs, difficulty determined by rank, welcome messages, commodity/loot/treasure rewards
  • Mission limit reduced to 20, and military rank progress rebalancing to be easier
  • Huge lasers and muticannons added, and weapon, missile and mine damage rebalancing
  • Fer-De-Lance heat efficiency rebalancing to offset the increased power plant change
  • Customisable Bookmarks, Community goal markers, and Minor Faction state filters added to galaxy map
  • Background Simulation rebalancing, and improvements to mission and information feedback
  • Ability to scan a Nav beacon to get that system's exploration data added
  • Default number of items per page in Exploration selling increased from 20 to 50
  • Community Goal rewards now automatically redeem after 2 weeks
  • Clock added to cockpit's info panel
  • Add distances to wakes targeted by the player
  • Ships cannot enter super cruise if their thrusters are disabled, and hardpoint deployment in supercruise disabled
  • Large AI improvement, making combat more dangerous especially at higher NPC ranks
  • Spawning ambient & Powerplay AI in normal space updated, and Powerplay ships at stations, nav beacons and RES locations added
  • Silent Running blocking AI scans improvements
  • Credit reward for routing a cap ship in war zones increased to 150000
  • (Horizons) Materials can be spawned/dropped inside signal sources, destroyed ships and skimmers, scanned from wreckage and ships, mining including icy rings
  • (Horizons) Modules can be upgraded by Engineers, using materials, to create improved stats, visual & experimental effects
  • (Horizons) Point defence systems for settlements and bases, and skimmer disablers added
  • (Horizons) Collisions with skimmers are now also extremely disruptive to ships, hitting one will cause a temporarily loss of drives and shields
  • Changelog, 1337 notes: v2.1/v1.6

v2.1.02 & v1.6.02 - 3rd Jun

  • NPC overpowered-hybrid weapons removed
  • Gameplay, Powerplay, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 25 notes: v2.1.02/v1.6.02

v2.1.03 & v1.6.03 - 22nd Jun

  • Huge burst lasers added
  • NPC AI, loadout, spawning and interdiction rebalancing
  • Audio, gameplay, graphics and stability improvements
  • (Server) Rare goods available rebalancing
  • (Xbox) Localised languages added: French, German, Spanish and Russian
  • (CQC) Gameplay improvements
  • (Horizons) Articles about sourcing materials available in Engineers bases' news feeds
  • (Horizons) Materials and data storage increased
  • (Horizons) Engineers' unlock requirements rebalancing
  • (Horizons) CMDRs can now expend reputation levels with Engineers to control experimental effects
  • Changelog, 157 notes: v2.1.03/v1.6.03 & Server

v2.1.04 & v1.6.04 - 1st Jul

v2.1.05 & v1.6.05 - 28th Jul

  • Audio, gameplay, missions, NPC loadout, Powerplay and stability improvements
  • (CQC) Matchmaking improvements
  • (Horizons) Materials droprates and blueprint requirements rebalancing
  • (Horizons) Surface scan for materials added
  • (Horizons) Thermal weapons rebalancing
  • Changelog, 82 notes: v2.1.05/v1.6.05

v2.0 "Planetary Landings" & v1.5 "Ships" - 15th Dec 2015

  • New 64 bit client
  • Vive VR headset support added
  • New ships: Asp Scout, Viper MkIV, Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter, and Keelback
  • New CQC-only ship: Imperial Fighter
  • New missions and scenarios added: Don't die, Don't get scanned, Multi-stage, Assassination variants, Contact, Unique cargo, Timed window, Search and rescue, Wrecked ships, Deep space salvage, Distress call, Alliance VIP escort
  • Missions and scenarios can now be received in space
  • Fer-de-Lance's manoeuvrability, Power Plant capacity and heat dissipation all increased
  • Shield Cell Banks, Hull Reinforcement Packages and Bulkheads rebalancing
  • More Player Group sponsored Minor Faction descriptions added
  • Master Chefs rare good added
  • Local emergency rescue NPCs added
  • Spanish community-created localisation added
  • Background Simulation rebalancing
  • (Horizons) Ships can land on planet surfaces!
  • (Horizons) New flight modes: Orbital cruise, Sub-orbital, Glide path planetary approach, and FA-off support
  • (Horizons) Planetary Approach Suite module slot added
  • (Horizons) Ability to dismiss and recall your ship added
  • (Horizons) Deployable SRV when landed and at planetary ports
  • (Horizons) New GUI indicators added: Landing radar, Gravity strength, Wave scanner, Terrain scanner
  • (Horizons) NPC surface skimmers added: Goliath, Sentry, Guardian, Stinger 2
  • (Horizons) Surface ports and settlements added, with defences and trespass zones
  • (Horizons) Surface points of interest added: Materials, Encounters, Natural, and Structure
  • (Horizons) Planetary Missions and Permits added
  • (Horizons) Planetary schematic map added
  • (Horizons) Planet Surface rendering overhaul
  • (Horizons) Materials & Synthesis added: AFM module resupply, FSD Boost, Ship projectile resupply, SRV hull repair, SRV refuel, SRV ammo refill
  • (PC/OSX) Bobbleheads added
  • (PC/OSX) Updated French, German and Russian translations
  • Changelog, 955 notes: v2.0/v1.5

v2.0.01 & v1.5.01 - 16th Dec

  • Gameplay and stability improvements
  • (Horizons) SRV control and targeting improvements
  • Changelog, 13 notes: v2.0.01 and Server

v2.0.02 & v1.5.02 - 21st Dec

  • CMDR statistics screen now shows time played
  • Audio, gameplay, graphics, performance and stability improvements
  • (Horizons) Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 33 notes: v2.0.02

v2.0.03 & v1.5.03 - 6th Jan 2016

  • (PC/OSX) Alternative Download option added to game launcher
  • Stability improvements
  • Changelog, 20 notes: v2.0.0.3

v2.0.04 & v1.5.04 - 26th Jan

  • Gameplay, networking and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 26 notes: v2.0.04

v2.0.05 & v1.5.05 - 1st Feb

  • (Horizons) Planetside object spawning improvements
  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 7 notes: v2.0.05

v2.0.06 & v1.5.06 - 16th Feb

  • ED Arena (standalone CQC) now available
  • i Sola Prospect in the Brestla star system now always stocks all ships and modules
  • (Horizons) Gameplay improvements
  • (CQC) Gameplay, matchmaking and stability improvements
  • (OSX) Fix CMDRs not being able to save bindings
  • (Server) Background Simulation, performance, Powerplay, and reliability improvements
  • Changelog, 35 notes: v2.0.06 and Server

v2.0.07 & v1.5.07 - 24th Mar

  • Oculus 1.3 SDK support
  • VR Low & High graphics presets, new VR-only menu, and VR experience demo tutorial
  • Crossplay support for First Discovered, Top-5 Bounties, and Community Goal #1 contributor
  • (Horizons) VR comfort options for SRV
  • Changelog, 19 notes: v2.0.07

v2.0.08 & v1.5.08 - 31st Mar

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 3 notes: v2.0.08

v2.0.09 & v1.5.09 - 26th Apr

  • Exploration data selling increased to 50 items per page
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 5 notes: v2.0.09

v1.4 "CQC" - 6th Oct 2015

  • Elite Dangerous released on Xbox One
  • CQC Championship added
  • New ships: Imperial Eagle, Federal Gunship, and Federal Assault Ship
  • New CQC-only ship: F63 Condor
  • Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites added
  • Compromised Nav Beacons added
  • Legal salvage missions added
  • Outfitting for CQC added
  • Changed how powerplant damage is handled - small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output
  • Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their Kickstarter backer rewards
  • (Server) Minor Factions sponsored by Player Groups added
  • (Server) Various Background Simulation, matchmaking, networking, performance, and stability improvements
  • Changelog, 396 notes: v1.4

v1.4.01 - 20th Oct

  • New Mission Templates
  • CQC Matchmaking improvements
  • Improvements to interdictions
  • (Xbox) Upload App now supported
  • (Xbox) Updated User Guide
  • (OSX) Support for Retina native resolutions added
  • (OSX) Support for Fullscreen, Borderless & Windowed display modes added
  • (Server) Rares goods' availability & legalities improved for Onionhead, Lucan Onionhead and Tarach Tor Spice!
  • (Server) More Minor Factions sponsored by Player Groups added
  • (Server) Daily limits to minor faction influence changes added
  • (Server) Background Simulation, performance and stability improvements
  • Changelogs, 24 notes: v1.4.01 and Server #1 & #2

v1.3 "Powerplay" - 5th Jun 2015

  • Powerplay added
  • Power map views on galaxy map, power information and action screens added
  • Power specific ship modules, ambient traffic, defector hunters, goods and actions added
  • New ships: Imperial Courier, Diamondback Scout and Diamondback Explorer
  • Drones for Cargo/Mining chunk collection, Fuel transfer and Prospecting asteroids added
  • Mission system overhaul
  • Inbox integration for branching missions
  • Missions scaling up based on rank, and reputation with mission giver
  • Mission targets can be generated in supercruise rather than USSs
  • Spawned AI difficulty determined by mission (if spawned by mission)
  • Low and high intensity resource extraction site scenarios added
  • Military progression missions revamped
  • Founders and Elite ranked missions added
  • Minable commodities Painite and Osmium added
  • More mission variants added, including slave, mining and alternate-assassination-target
  • Updated bounty system:
    • Bounties cannot be paid off (Pilot's Fed contact is gone!), but expire after 7 days.
    • Major factions don't record crimes anymore, only minor factions
    • Fines now take 7 days to expire, but never coexist with bounties (bounties absorb fines and dormant bounties with the same faction).
    • Expiry only actually happens when you login, hyperspace or resurrect
    • Friendly fire values relaxed
  • Select navigation target in system map function added
  • Loan ceiling scales based on player's highest Elite rank
  • Added crimes for reckless flying (collisions) within Starport no fire zones:
    • Shields only collisions above speed limit is a fine
    • Hull damage only above speed limit is a larger fine
    • Ship destruction within short window after collision above speed limit is a bounty
    • Respects 'Report crimes against me' setting
  • Allow any general purpose slot on any ship to contain a fuel tank module
  • Networking improvements
  • Translations for missions added: French, German, and Russian
  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelogs, 602 notes: v1.3 and Server

v1.3.01 - 9th Jun

  • (Server) Various performance and reliability improvements
  • Changelog, 27 notes: v1.3.01

v1.3.02 - 10th Jun

v1.3.03 - 12th Jun

  • Powerplay rebalancing
  • (Server) Exploration performance improvements
  • (Server) Powerplay rebalancing
  • Changelogs, 4 notes: v1.3.03 and Server

v1.3.04 - 16th Jun

v1.3.05 - 18th Jun

  • Mission improvements
  • Localisation text corrections
  • Ship repair costs overhaul
  • (Server) Stability improvements
  • Changelogs, 29 notes: v1.3.05 and Server

v1.3.06 - 25th Jun

  • Galnet news reliability improvements
  • Powerplay rebalancing
  • (OSX) Controller compatibility improvements
  • Changelogs, 34 notes: v1.3.06 and Server

v1.3.07 - 2nd Jul

  • Radius of the sphere of systems used to generate missions increased to 15ly
  • Cargo dumping limit increased to 100, when away from stations and outposts
  • (Server) Galnet news reports Powerplay predictions
  • (Server) Exploration optimisations
  • (Server) Powerplay improvements
  • Changelogs, 19 notes: v1.3.07 and Server #1, #2 & #3

v1.3.08 - 5th Aug

  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Appconfig option RouterPort added
  • Changelog, 13 notes: v1.3.08

v1.2 "Wings" - 10th Mar 2015

  • Wings functionality added
  • New ships: Fer-de-Lance and Vulture
  • Comms interface overhaul
  • NPC Groups added
  • Ability to reboot destroyed sub systems (modules) added
  • Flyable debug camera with limited range added
  • Changelog, 336 notes: v1.2

v1.2.01 - 11th Mar

  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Hotfix identified as v1.2.02 fixed critical crash bug
  • Changelog, 16 notes: v1.2.01

v1.2.03 - 12th Mar

  • Earnings from bounties, combat bonds, and exploration data all increased
  • Changelog, 21 notes: v1.2.03

v1.2.04 - 13th Mar

  • Head-tracking improvements
  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 6 notes: v1.2.04

v1.2.05 - 18th Mar

  • Smaller ships are now better at smuggling
  • Changelog, 23 notes: v1.2.05

v1.2.06 - 25th Mar

  • (Server) Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 21 notes: v1.2.06

v1.2.07 - 10th Apr

  • Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted
  • (Server) Performance and reliability improvements
  • (Server) Cap all bounties to 1 million credits per Minor Faction
  • Changelogs, 19 notes: v1.2.07 and Server

v1.1 "Community Goals" - 10th Feb 2015

  • Community Goals added
  • Route planning extended to 1,000ly
  • Russian language translations added
  • 'Discovered by' tag to system map added
  • New graphics shaders for planets, and city lights added
  • Explored system details added to cartographics shop
  • Top benefactors support added to system map
  • Hotfix identified as v1.1.01 fixed critical crash bug
  • Changelog, 306 notes: v1.1

v1.1.02 - 11th Feb

  • Backers and Elite-rank discounts added
  • Collision damage tweaked
  • Changelog, 9 notes: v1.1.02

v1.1.03 - 12th Feb

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 18 notes: v1.1.03

v1.1.04 - 13th Feb

  • Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at any local starport
  • Changelog, 8 notes: v1.1.04

v1.1.05 - 19th Feb

  • Friendly fire relaxed
  • Changelog, 15 notes: v1.1.05

v1.1.06 - 5th Mar

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 6 notes: v1.1.06

v1.0 "Welcome to the Galaxy, CMDR" - 16th Dec 2014

  • Initial public version of the game :)

v1.01 - 17th Dec

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Changelog, 11 notes: v1.01

v1.02 - 18th Dec

  • Rare commodities supply limit added
  • Changelog, 13 notes: v1.02

v1.03 - 19th Dec

  • More UI and Control options added
  • Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelogs, 8 notes: v1.03 and Server #1 & #2

v1.04 - 8th Jan 2015

  • Background Simulation improvements
  • Changelog, 18 notes: v1.04

v1.05 - 15th Jan

  • Mission list improvements
  • Changelogs, 23 notes: v1.05 and Server

v1.06 - 22nd Jan

  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Changelog, 16 notes: v1.06

v1.07 - 28th Jan

  • (Server) Maintenance period now weekly
  • Changelogs, 10 notes: v1.07 and Server #1 & #2