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Vodel is an independent-aligned subsidiary of Core Dynamics and the sole known manufacturer of Surface Recon Vehicles. The corporation is based in the Bhattra system.


For years, Vodel's only product was the Scarab, the most well-known and ubiquitous SRV model among independent pilots. It is unknown how long the Scarab has been in production, but the Carver expedition of 3111 possessed at least one.

Following an unexpected downturn in Vodel's profits in 3305, Federal starship manufacturer Core Dynamics stepped in to keep the company afloat. On April 19, 3305, Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester announced that his corporation had purchased Vodel. Rochester emphasized that Vodel's main team of designers and engineers would be preserved through the transition, and the Scarab's classic, dependable design would remain unchanged.[1]

Vodel debuted the Scorpion, a new two-seat SRV model that was designed for combat operations and troop support, on December 9, 3307. The company held a launch event at Levinson Orbital in Bhattra that was attended by its chief of design, Frank Endis, as well as Core Dynamics' new CEO, Owen McKenna. The Scorpion owed its existence to Core Dynamics' acquisition of Vodel two years earlier, which had given the latter's engineering teams access to the former's vast financial resources.[2]


Name Type Image
Scarab Surface Recon Vehicle Scarab SRV.png
Scorpion Surface Recon Vehicle ED-SRV-Scorpion.png