The Indra, a Wells-class Carrier

The Wells-class Carrier is a type of Flight Operations Carrier megaship. They are deployed to increase security in a system. It has docking facilities with a variety of services except a shipyard.

History Edit

On July 7, 3303, Imperial Senator Zemina Torval presided over the maiden voyage of the Indra in HR 1185, a massive Wells-class Carrier. She concluded the launch with a brief statement, saying “Space is by nature hostile. The Indra will make this particular system less so.”[1][2] On November 10, 3303, the minor faction Conservatives of Tiliala were usurped by the Black Fleet in the Tiliala system, and relocated to the Wells-class Carrier Tiliala's Lament in Akandinigua.[3]

On January 12, 3304, the Colonia Council launched the Wells-class Carrier Dove Enigma in the Colonia system to serve as the final waypoint of the Enigma Expedition commemorating CMDR DoveEnigma13.[4][5] Saboteurs attempted to shut down the vessel on January 30 by flooding it with Thargoid Sensors, but pilots flocked to deliver Meta-Alloys to counter the damage. On January 31, an engineer at Dove Enigma declared that they had obtained such a large surplus that they could guard against any future sabotage attempts.[5]

Locations Edit

Name System Planet
Dove Enigma Colonia A 3
Still Krisi's Eclipse Kpelidoog A 1
The Indra HR 1185 4 A
The Midas Zeus 1
Tiliala's Lament Akandinigua 5

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References Edit

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