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Wing Mission ships

Wing missions can be shared with up to four players. A solo Player is allowed to do them too, though a wing is recommended due to the high requirements. There are different types of wing missions such as[1]

  • Delivery
  • Source and Return
  • Massacre
  • Assassination

Progress and assigned CMDRs can be viewed in the Mission Details under the transactions tab. Unlike standard cargo missions, the delivery may be made by multiple runs.

Wing delivery mission

This mission type requires the player, and their wing-mates, to deliver a large quantity of cargo units from one station to another.[1]

  • In order to accept the mission, one member of the wing needs to access the mission board and select a wing mission, which are denoted by a special icon.[1]
  • Once accepted, the player who took the mission can share it by clicking the share button on the mission’s entry, located in the 'Transactions' panel. Doing so sends the player's wingmates an inbox message and adds the mission to their own Transactions panel.[1]
  • The wingmates can choose to then either accept or decline the mission invite in the Transactions panel.[1]
  • Important to note: each player can only share one mission at a time, this means that with a maximum of four players in a wing, players can be part of up to a maximum of four active wing missions at any given time.[1]

Players will be charged with transporting large quantities of goods from point A to point B. The Mission Depot allows members of a wing to collect and deliver any amount of cargo that they require for the mission.[1]

The mission is completed when all the cargo has been delivered. Each wing member is then able to collect their rewards.[1] 

  • All players who are members of the wing at the point that the mission is completed are eligible for the mission rewards.[1]
  • Every member of the wing receives the same reward choices for completing the mission.[1]
  • Wing missions also use the new mission reward system, which provides players with three different, and roughly equivalent, reward packages allowing each player to choose which set of rewards they wish to claim. One of these reward packages will always be a credit based reward package.[1]