Thargoid wormhole front

A Wormhole is a tunnel-like connection between two points in space time; a black hole and a white hole. It creates a shortcut through time and space.

It is theorized that wormholes connect extremely long distances of billions of light years or just a few meters, different universes or points in time.[1]

This is based on a solution of the Einstein field equations.

The white hole is a region in space that cannot be entered from the outside, but matter and light can escape from it. It is the opposite of a black hole.[2]

Thargoid Wormholes Edit


An Interceptor's wormhole

The Thargoid Interceptor can create a stable wormhole to hyperspace. A green beam extends forward which opens up space to jump through. The Interceptor's wings fold just before the jump. Human ships cannot enter as they're repelled by an invisible force.[3]

The INRA engineer Effie Ratling lead research into reverse-engineering the Thargoid technology. She created a prototype hybrid hyperdrive and noted that Thargoid drives worked differently than human drives which shifted space around a ship. INRA took over the project, made modifications and tested it with human pilots.[3]

Capital Ships Edit


Majestic Class Interdictor emerges from Witch-space

Capital ships such as the Farragut Battle Cruiser and Majestic Class Interdictor also use Frame Shift Drives, but their increased mass results in proportionally larger energy requirements that dwarf the already significant energy consumed by regular ships upon jumping. This increased energy results in capital ships jumping into and exiting from hyperspace in a much more spectacular fashion.[4]

In the process of jumping, the capital ship essentially tears open a wormhole into hyperspace, allowing elements of witch-space to leak out into our universe as exemplified by the strange particle effects and audio observed during a capital-class jump.[5] When a capital ship exits hyperspace, a series of lights can be seen moving against the backdrop of space. Space crackles behind the points of light, darkness writhes and lightning flashes.[6]

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